Sunday, 29 April 2012

The World Shall (not) End!

I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately. So I pulled out my crystal ball and decided to tell what I think. So the world shall "end" on Dec. 21 2012...right? Well we'll start with the calender part the Mayans stopped their calender at 2012. O.K. no one has yet to address the fact that the conquistadors started showing up. Well if we all remember history class they weren't nice to the Mayans so the Mayans didn't have had much time to keep working on their calender and had to stop and it was some absolutely random date. Part 2 what will happen around 2012. On the days of Dec 21st and 20th the world will be turmoil then on Dec. 21st when the world hasn't ended people will go to sleep and wake up on the 22nd. Warning: Do not go to work or drive on either the 21st or the 20th.  We'll have drunk drivers and it's dangerous. Especially in Alaska.

-Maggie, Evil goblin Overlord and Negotiator.

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