Thursday, 31 January 2013


Those loyal followers probably know that I don't ever bring this up. Mostly for personal reasons.  Those who have read posts on the other blogs I follow have also probably noticed that the blogs I follow usually deal a lot with religion. Strange huh? Well I'm in truth fascinated with world religions. I am a religious person. But other religions are amazing. I love to learn about other cultures and beliefs. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Muslim, Judaism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Islamic, Paganism, and so on. I have to say that I'm biased and like two more that the others these two are: Judaism and Hinduism. I find them most fascinating of them all. I mean Pagans are great and all but I only like the myths. You know, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse.... so forth. O yeah I forgot them there Wiccans. They count too... don't they? But I find the Jewish religion to be fascinating. The whole culture and way of life. The religious books are fascinating. I love to read the Talmud. The way it dictates how to live is splendid. Hinduism is great too. Just the way life is is just so cool! Wonderful. Religion is really a integral part of our lives and it's best to know your neighbor. Unfortunately because of where I live in Alaska I only know one Jewish person. Because there is no Synagogue anywhere close to where I live. The closest one is in Anchorage. So there aren't really any Jewish people near me. Sadness... Basically where I live is full of Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Lutherans, Baptists, Nondenominational Christians, Catholics, One or two Episcopalian churches, but that's about it.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Conversation

Robbo does this occasionally. And one of these things happened to me today. So here:

Friend: Hey

Me: Hey

Friend (points to picture on my desk): Who's that?

Me: Audrey Hepburn (I keep it for inspiration)

Friend: Cool (walks away)

Strange huh?


I'm a mug-addict. I love to buy mugs. So I went to Barnes and Noble today. I found the greatest mug. I found a Jane Eyre mug! YES! I'm also a Jane Eyre addict and have read the book 7 times and seen the mini-series three times. Then I went and bought a book. I'm beginning to start stacking on my floor. I refuse to buy a bookshelf though. They're too expensive and I'd rather spend that money on books.


Few people know this but I love The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and the prequel The Hobbit. The Hobbit is my favorite by far. But I don't like the movies. I hate Peter Jackson and what he did to the books. I have purposely avoided seeing the movie. But recently I have learned that Neil Finn has done a song for the movie. I avoid going to the theater or buying them because that helps line Peter Jackson's pocket. But I really want to go the The Hobbit to hear the song (even though I already have it on itunes) and therefore give money to Finn. What to do...

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pinch O' This Pinch O' That

  1. Sorry, I haven't posted. My internet's been down.
  2. You know that old tune, "Wont You Come Home Bill Bailey"? Well some times the school district will call and the person who runs FNSB is named Bill Bailey... Makes me laugh every time.
  3. I've recently gotten a Kuring Coffee maker.  It is a wonderful miracle from the future. It's so nice to have. I love the fact that I can make coffee, tea, cocoa, and cider using it. It's so much easier than making a whole pot of drip then throwing half of it out.
  4. I'm beginning to run out of space on my bookshelves. I'm going to have to begin stacking my books on the floor again. I have 300+ books and only two shelves. So I'm at a loss. If any of you have creative ideas on how to do makeshift book shelves let me know. Because I'm not going to buy a new one.
  5. When I comes to my writing I've learned my crutch is Science Fiction. I can't write anything else. I don't know why but when I try to write anything else it doesn't come out well. But I'm one of the best damn Science Fiction writers you'll ever read. Check out my latest story, "Hiding" on Wattpad. Warning, "Hiding" is a PG-13 story and uses swear words. So if you're against swearing don't bother.
  6. So here's my updated life.
  7. It's been about forty below for the past two days but I've still gone outside. 
  8. This weeks Pogues song: (this song has swearing) 

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Thursday, 10 January 2013

There's No Title For This!!!!!!

Couldn't think of a title for it...

Ever notice how I put out a youtube post every month or so? I did. I thought it was kind of weird. Where would I be without youtube? One less post a month? Or would I find something else to fill the void. I really don't know....

Thank You Internet and Youtube

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

P. S. What do you think of open letters?

You're Daily Errrrrr... Monthly Dose Of Youtube!

One of my favorite Pogues songs:

These two are from a local girl who lives in Fairbanks. I met her once at a farmers market and she was selling CD's. Mariah Ver Hoef is a pretty amazing gal.


A cute little song about tea:

This is the  video that I discovered Library Thing. "In my Pants" is a Nerdfighter thing. So if you want to learn to duke it out Shakespear style this  is a video for you. P.S. This is John:

Here's Johns brother Hank.

And here's the Nerdfighter FAQ:

A mommy hugging her baby:

 A Weeping Angel kitty:

So there's a video for everyone. A video for people who like rock (Pogues), People who prefer local folksy music (Mariah Ver Hoef), People who like little ditties that really aren't bad (Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Song), Nerds/ Geeks (isn't it obvious?), those who like a daily dose of cute (Kitty Hugging), and Whovians (Weeping Angel Kitty).

-MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wki Wiki Everywhere

When you think about Wikipedia is pretty amazing but what you probably haven't discovered is that Wikipedia has many different types of Wikipedia. Here are some I visit:

  1. Memory Alpha, Star Trek Wikipedia
  2. TARDIS Index Files, Doctor Who Wikipedia
  3. Downton Abbey, Figure it out.
  4. Wookieepedia, Star Wars Wikipedia
  5. Nintendo, Figure it out.

So there are more I just do want to post any more. FYI, I only visit 1, 2, 3. Four and Five were added to show variety.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ten Interview Questions To Ring In The New Year!

1. If you could travel to any part of the world where would it be?
 I would love to travel to Ireland, I'm part Irish and I'm facinated by the Celtic culture. Ireland is also a beautiful country and so green. It has many interesting landmarks too.

2. Do you have any major aspirations in life?
I would love to publish a book. Either f my short stories or a full length novel. However, I have a hard time prolonging plot without the book becoming tedious. 

3. Are you an honest person or do you shade the truth to suit you?
 I'm generally honest. Obviously there are things I don't tell anyone. But I don't lie for personal gain or to be spiteful. I might lie though, the protect someone from being hurt.

4. Is there a part of your body that you would like to improve?, I mean we all have things we want to change but God created me this way and I should be happy I'm here on this Earth. So I have no real qualms with how I look.

5. Do you have any unusual health problems that make life hard for you?
 No. No, none. I mean except for the fact that my life is sort of crazy.

6. Would you ever devote your life to those less fortunate than you?
 Yes, I would. It's important to help those who can't help themselves. I would give up everything I had and devote my life to those kind of people.

7. Do you know your ancestry? What nationalities are you?

 Yes I do know my ancestry, I'm Scottish, Irish, French, German, Hungarian, and Polish.

8. Do you read books in your spare time? If you do, then do you read the classics at all?
YES YES YES! I love classics, Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Pride and Prejudice, Anne of the Green Gables.

9. Do you like to watch sci-fi movies and programs, because they stretch the mind in different ways than other genres do?
 I love to watch them but not because they stretch the mind.

10. Do you watch the Super Bowl each year?
 I'll give you one simple answer: NO!

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It Never Ends!

The endless cleaning of life. It seems that just as you clean anything there is a new mess to take care of. I had just cleaned the living room and then two days later TWO days it looks as if I had never cleaned it before in my life. I feel as if I have no control over my life sometimes as if I can't control anything. I wish I could be like Jeannie in I Dream Of Jeannie just blink and have it all done. I mean it would take max 2 minutes to have it all done. That would be like heaven on earth. But alas I don't have that power and will have to take at least an hour to clean up. But it's really worth it to sit down afterward with a cup of tea my needle work and Monk or a book and just enjoy how clean it is. I've got to go do that so I can enjoy the new year. And as I look out the window I notice the light of outside fading It's going to be night fall by four so I'd better go get that done.

"God's in his heaven. All's right with the world." -Robert Browning

-MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady

...Hey remember playing twenty questions? I found this site and now you can play twenty questions with a computer. It's lots of fun!