Monday, 31 December 2012

Well ONE last post.

Well I just set off some fireworks. What happened, you ask, to constitute this unprecedented post? I set off the works and some were little light weight. So I was setting off a little one that on the warning says, "Warning shoots flaming balls." However, it shot one strate up then the force knocked it over and started to shoot all ver the place. One zoomed over my head! I had to run inside so I didn't get hurt. It was scary and crazy all at once. Just wanted to share that.

I don't understand why but...
I really liked this picture and wanted to share it.
Then for some unexplicable reason it makes me think of this picture:
Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday" Not to hard to realize why.

Happy New Year
MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady
P.S. Will explain more about the goblin revolt next year.

Auld Lang Syne

Well it's been a great year... Well almost a year anyways... So I started this blog in June, it's been a year. Well everyone, it's been a swell year. I'm grateful for every reader and page view. I mean without the readers I wouldn't have kept writing this blog. Sure I slacked off until November but I won;t do that again I promise. So those of you reading hear this! so you read a blog and others and you look at he consistency of the posting. Well, you think, I can do that! That's what I thought in April, easy, I thought, what's so hard about writing on almost a daily basis. I have LOTS of ideas to share...I THOUGHT. If you go back a ways you'll see I ran out of ideas more than once. It's HARD. You don't think that when you read my posts do you? NO you think, oh that;s not so hard just write down your opinions and thoughts. It's a lot more than that. You have to make sure it's interesting to all. That's why I avoid Dr. Who and Star Trek filled posts. You have to make sure the posts don't offend anyone. I didn't realize how hard it was. You need to find inspiration and interesting topics, fun stuff and things people will be interested in. I salute you veteran bloggers and will one day join the ranks, I hope. I'm amazed at those bloggers who have blogged for 5+ years I'm amazed that they haven't run out of things to talk about or haven't become redundant. I pray the new year will bring me all sorts of inspiration and new ideas/topics to blog about. I promise not to slack off like I did. Happy New Year every one.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

What To Do....

Well the new year is round the bend. What am I doing for a resolution you ask? Well, your humble Overlady has decided to do something with in range. I have decided to read 52 books this year. More would be even better and to read every book that I haven't read in my library. I am reading as many books as there are weeks. I am anxious to start I love to read. I consume books at a rate of 4+ a month... Well I spend more money than that on books. Here, to make you feel better about what you spend on books I usually spend $60-$100 every time I go buying books. EVERY TIME. So because I buy so many books I haven't read most of them. The resolution is so I read all my books and can buy more guilt-free. Without worry! They're always coming out with books and I want to buy them but If I don't read the books now I never will so my resolution benefits me greatly. I wanted to make you feel better about how much you spend on books... Mission accomplished!

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

(Should auld acquaintance be forget and never brought to mind...)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Get It Right!

So for the longest time I've had one pet peeve I've only shared with one person: people using the wrong title! Now I realize you're saying to yourself what the heck is she talking about? I'll do my best to explain. First off before I begin I want to clarify, sadly I'm not neccesarily for women's equal right but I'm not against them. I think women should be able to hold down a job. Yet I also believe that a woman's place is in the home. While it is contradictory I believe in that. So let us begin and you'll see why I put that out there:
  1. Comedian v. Comedienne: I am sick and tired of women being addressed by what men are called women are NOT comedians they are comediennes! Get it right.
  2. Singer v. Songstress: While I know there is a songster I must say that if men are singers women are songstresses. they aren't singers.
  3. Murderer v. Murderess: You've probably never heard of  a murderess but it's a real word. Women are murderesses. but media has made it seem as though men and women are both murderers while this is not the case.
  4. Actor v. Actress: This is commonly used correctly but I just had to say I've heard a lot of people call actresses actors. Women aren't actors.
Well there's the list off the top of my head. If there's more let me know and I hope that this has widened your vocabulary and  you begin to call women by proper terms.

P.S. If a women is an assassin this is correct men and women have that one term.
P.P.S. It is only an assassination if it is a head of state, president, or royalty. Actors killed are NOT assassinations no matter what the media says.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady (yes, I created overlady, I got very tired of calling myself an overlord. If you go backand look at some of my older posts I address myself as an overlord but as I am female I've changed it accordingly.)

Friday, 21 December 2012

De Ja Veux

Even though it seems like de ja veux  we all knew this day was coming. I refer to my 2nd post on this wonderful blog. I discussed the world coming to an end. Well the day is here (today) and well... I'm posting this aren't I? The world is still turning, the snows still falling, the temperature is still -30 here. The probability was very small of the world ending anyway. I have many things I had to get done today. (I still have to do them) the only advantage of the world ending is that you don't have to do any more housework. But at the same time there is so much of my life left to live; I want to visit 9 countries (check out my wattpad page and then read my stories), read books (I have over 30 I need to read), skydive, scuba dive, cook, and finish watching The Original Series of Star Trek. I hope you all realize that life is too much worth living to give up. So forget the world ending and get on with life.

Okay so I won't be posting for the next 5-7 days this next week because of it being Christmas week. So just letting you know that when I don't post for about a week you know why. But the goblins have set out food and drinks, they're playing the old records, feel free to ask them if you need anything.  If you want page through old issues of this blog you might find something you overlooked. Thanks for reading withing you all a merry Christmas. If you have a problem with me only saying Christmas e-mail me. No comments please, not during this season of giving and love.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 15 December 2012

I (Apparently) Hate Women...

It has been called to my attention by my friend (who's a guy, which is probably why he noticed this) that I seem to be against the women in TV shows that are for men to look at I shall explain with examples:

1. Tasha Yar (Star Trek The Next Generation)

She was the whiny lieutenant on the bridge, always questioning the captain, complaining, and yet she was there for men to look at. I just don't get it, at the end of the 1st season when she died I cheered, when she came back later I almost cried, she is my least favorite.

2. Beverly Crusher (The Next Generation)

She played the doctor. While she was really good at what she did, her bedside manner left a lot to be desired. Now don't get me wrong, she is beautiful at times, but when she was in sickbay she got very techno-babble-y. You could never understand a blasted thing she said. Then she and the captain had an affair, and she could get very Star Fleet regulation-strict, she just wasn't fun. she was there fr guys.

3. Deanna Troi (The Next Generation)

Like Crusher she could have moments where she was beautiful. She was the psychic counselor on board the Enterprise. now psychic counselor amounts to sitting on the bridge and say things such as "I feel happiness/hostility/anger/sadness..." She didn't do anything. There for guys...

4. (Bonus) Wesley Crusher (The Next Generation)

Yes, I DO know that this is a boy but I had to add him. He is Crusher's son, his is a self absorbed, moody, brooding, whiny, he's endangered the ship at least 2 times, and he can be really ungrateful. He is supposed to be for the girls, and for teens to relate to. He was not fun.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Little Data...

So I've been watching a lot of The Next Generation with Dr. Pulaskie. I watched an episode recently and wanted to share this clip of it with you guys... My loyal blog readers who check my blog all the time for new posts.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

What a Glorious Feelin'

So yesterday I went and saw a special showing of Singin' In The Rain, it was really magical. Seeing Gene Kelly on the big screen was really cool. I love that movie.

The premise of the trouble of talking pictures is pretty interesting. I really like how you don't know what Lina sounds like for about ten minutes. then her voice is so different than she looks.

The musical numbers are great "Make Em' Laugh," "Would You," "Singin' in The Rain," and "Good Mornin'" are some really great songs.

Some parts are really strange though, such as "Broadway Rhythm" and "The Dance of The Veil." those are the really out there ones.

I like how at the beginning when we learn Don's story we see what actually happened. While he makes up a puff piece for the fans.

Good Mornin'!
Then after the movie I had to do MORE Christmas shopping, I'm currently making and wrapping the gifts. Gotta finish that, so bye!

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Monday, 26 November 2012


So, yesterday I accomplished all my Christmas gift shopping and wrapping. I had to go to Pier 1 Imports, Barnes and Noble, and Fred Meyer. It was a long but fun day. I'm quite happy with the gifts I bought for everyone, I bought my mother some spa stuff, I got my dad a world calender, I got my friend Jordyn (a girl) some earrings since she just had her ear pierced, for my friend Justin (girl) a funny monkey mug, and for my other friend Taylor a faerie calender, a monkey bookmark and a little glass monkey statue. And for the cards I'm sending out I got this:
Okay so it's not very a very clear picture. But the cards pretty cool right?
Okay one last thing for today. During the Christmas season I'll be gone quite a bit so okay just a bit of forewarning. But I have the goblins making cookies, finger sandwiches, a pot of coffee, tea, and cocoa, there'll also be some spirits, and eggnog, a Christmas tree their decorating, and cheese and crackers, some sweets and snacks for you while I'm gone. But it's not ready yet. The goblins might even play some music for you. But that's for while I'm gone.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Whoop Di Do (Sarcasm)

So as I was rearranging the furniture in my bedroom. For a change of pace. I was moving the two special bookshelves that I keep in my room. I have one on wheels and it's really sturdy. The other one is a somewhat more flimsy bookshelf. I'll refer to them as bookshelf #1 (the sturdy one) and bookshelf #2 (flimsy). So I moved #1 with great ease (it's on wheels) and then I started to move #2. Now #2 already had some issues. The shelves had already collapsed some and the backing was already coming off. I began to move #2 And the whole thing collapsed. All 56 of my Nancy Drew books on the ground (I save things and yes I still read them). All my Agatha Christie, my poetry books, fairytale books. All to the ground. So Now the furniture is moved and I have one working bookshelf and 1 tall pile and a half-of-that-size pile and all the nick-knacks that I kept on the book shelf I've had to put on shelves. Yay...NOT.

Oh and if you want to see what's in my library please check me our on Librarything.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Oh, and I recently used sodium free tomato paste that WAS NOT a sodium free food. WOW (eyeroll)

Friday, 23 November 2012

A Couple of Videos

 We need to know that we shouldn't jump right in front of trains? Who knew.

This is actually really a cool trick. Those who have seen the movie Labyrinth will appreciate this.

Just for fun a song by Hank Green

And I really HATE" Twilight"

Thanksgiving and Thankfulness.

Well yesterday I had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, dad, brother, and  my cousin of whom I've never met before. We had gone out to eat and we went to The Pump house because they have a buffet and it's just easier for all of us. We got our plates and sat down. Now, because my father isn't very religious we don't often say grace when we eat together. Plus he's of a different religion than my mom, brother, and me. So we started eating and my cousin just HAD to say that he's more elegant. Sure he made us say grace. I did not have the best Thanksgiving. I had to act much more prim and proper. I couldn't even have normal conversations. He then showed us pictures of his children. He complained about his almost "ex"-wife. And then he almost got fresh with the waitress just because he cleans her businesses rugs. He realized we were there and stopped himself.

A few more things to mention:
*He forgot my name
*He originaly wanted us to expand the number to ten people when WE were the ones who invited him.
*He drove his company truck there.

Okay so enough Bitching here's what I'm thankful for:
*My family
*Lynn for having a cool blog.
*Filly for being a kind person and getting me to knit.
*Eve for showing what it means to be different, religious, lesbian, cool, and okay.
*Uncle Don For being the coolest uncle.
*Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek
*My 7th Grade teacher for helping me embrace my Trekkie-ness.
*My Friends for being a group of awesome people
*For all the teachers in America
*And finally, The Human Spirit.

Please be happy this holiday season,

MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady and Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Here I am again.

Well I'm sick again. I've got a cold. I've been reading Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester has finally shown up at Thornfield. I've also been watching a lot of "Andy Griffith." IT is really relaxing. Hey, ever noticed how when you're sick your house just goes to ruin? I mean all you strive for just goes to hell. That's not the point though.

Thanksgiving is really soon. I hope I'm better by then. because my mother, father, brother, and my cousin and his girlfriend are all planning to have dinner together. It's all one big fiasco. I feel the pressure and hassle of the day coming but oh well. See ya tomorrow.

MaggeiG, Evil Goblin Overlady (Psst go here to see my stories I've written as Pop! Poppy)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lot's O' Pictures!

So I recently went to a automobile museum. With cars and other things ranging from 1890 to 1960. With clothes, bikes, and cars. It was pretty amazing. Here are some pictures.
 This one is a picture of the tree in front of my house. It was a cool fall day and I had to take this picture.

 Awesome really old bike.
 Really old bike riding clothes. For Women.
 Nice old bathing suit.
 The bar right in the middle is the steering.

 The inner workings are completely hand made.
 It was just a really spiffy car.
 I really liked the peacocks on the skirt.
 I loved this beautiful fringed covered dress. The top is lace.
 Isn't this a beautiful white color?
 I REALLY loved this dress the color is beautiful.
 I believe this was a wedding dress.

 When you look at this don't you think Clara Barton?

These are the most absolutely AMAZING. I wished I owned them.

They even had some "Mobster" cars. Spark plugs, other clothes, and stuff from the 20's. Sorry I didn't get more pictures. My camera died. None of the cars had airbags OR seat belts. We sure have progressed since them. They even once had electric cars! Ahhhh, that day was a step back in time. They restore all the cars right in the building. The hardest things for me to wrap my mind around were people really drove those cars all the time and people actually wore those dresses more than once people went about their lives shopped in those clothes and now they're just sitting there on mannequins. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Link Linky Link

So I found this amazing blog. I really like the creativeness of the jewelry.
A really funny blog from a single girl here.
My new blog for sharing my stories. I've written three and they'll all become short stories when I finish.
This website: Dr.Who Crafts is one of the most amazing craft sites on the web.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

On Writing...

Ever noticed how hard it is to write even a short story? The art of grammar is one foreign to most well EVERYONE! Yes, even you Mr. Big-shot-published-author! Even YOU. I'm Currently writing a story, I'll probably create a new blog to share these stories. My latest story would nee you to under stand the story of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning: during the Victorian era a girl named Elizabeth (affectionately know as Ba.) was the eldest of a family of twelve. With eleven sibling, eight brothers, three sisters. Her brother Edward died, she was devoted to him, she took it rather badly and became an invalid for about five years after that. Robert Browning read some of her poems and fell in love with her. After correspondance the eloped to Italywith the help of Wilson, the family maid.

My story takes place during this time but adds another character Florence Conway to help them elope.

enough about that, here are some tips I live by to write.
1. NEVER NEVER EVER confuse you're and your
2. Be careful of there, their, and they're
3. ALWAYS have someone check your work!

Even once you read this you'll probably find errors but you know WHAT IT'S A BLOG.

And a couple of thoughts, the answers to all your problems in 42 and, ever had a contact break in half IN YOUR EYE... I have....

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An Election, and Some Music to Sooth My Soul.

Well whoop-di-do for Obama(nation) he's here for four more horrid years. Yay for the state of our nation we're really going to make it with HIM. In office. Check out this article on seceding. Well for what it's worth I hope Obama is unable to do anything because congress prevents him. Well when he cut into my Jeopardy time I'll just get really made like I have for the last four frikken' years.

So I've found a really good new group called Celtic Woman. I love their music. It's so soothing and beautiful. It's a good combination of Celtic folk and modern pop. Here are some videos:
MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow....

Well winter is finally here in Alaska. The Snow has hit the ground and not melted. only 7 more months of this!


I recently got a crochet kit unfortunately the in instructions are hard. I'll post a picture later.


I learned that Shatner didn't die in the Priceline comercial nooooo!

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Friday, 12 October 2012

Smart Music

I recently purchased a thing called Smart Music. It's pretty cool. They have a lot of music and I'm really excited to start playing/ Singing. They have vocal songs from musicals and Cole Porter. However, they don't have all the songs I'd like them to have. But I guess I'll live. I forgot hoe fun it was to blog.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I'm a crap blogger I know....

I have to ask you all a question, does it matter is a girl has a friend whose a guy. They are just friends is that so wrong? I have a friend named Jake and we spend time together but I get a lot of crap from others what's wrong with the world?

It's really cold here in Alaska blargggg. I really dislike  the snow here. but the moose are really cool.


So what's new in my life. I'm currently taking a sword fighting class to stave off the winter boredom and because I'm going to join the local SCA we have a Barony Wooo! but alas no Duchies which is sad because you just don't get to say that everyday oh well.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Robert Browning

I recently downloaded the musical Robert and Elizabeth. I think it's wonderful. He's fighting for position as #1 poet against Robert Frost. So today at the library I got a book of Browning poems. I haven't read them yet. But I plan to.

Tonight (tonight it all began tonight...) On PBS (9.1) the Vienna Symphony Orchestra is playing a 9p.m. Alaska Time. My Mother and I are going to watch it together. Yay!

Finally, I'm reading The Lionesses Song Quartet by Tamora Pierce. It's fantasy and it's so far really good. Even though I'm only on the first book. I would recommend it.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Friday, 7 September 2012

Google Doodle

Did you see the Google Doodle? today I'm going to have to watch Arena/ The Man Trap in honor of this amazing day of Star Trek premiering.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady


This is all for now.
Yes it is Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

 MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Bit of This a Pinch of That

I've been reading a lot of books lately. Such as Growing Up Again, Life, Loves, and oh yeah Diabetes by Mary Tyler Moore, The Once and Future King, and, 1984. IMHO all are good books.

I've been gone for a while, miss me? I've been pretty busy (errr reading, sewing , knitting, going to the library, watching TV.....) But I'm here and that's all that matters.

How's fall for all of you? Here in Alaska it's pretty but we don't have any deciduous trees so the colors are pretty much brown and yellow. It's also getting darker at night and you can go out in broad daylight with a sweater on and have it be chilly. It also smells like berries. It's also time to pull out winter clothes now that the temp doesn't get over 70. It did one day... it was nice.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I've been watching a lot of movies lately. #1 on our list is

My Week With Marilyn-
    A very good movie. It is sort of documentary style. The woman who played Monroe was very good at it and the lipsyncing was really well done. A fun romp if ever there was one. The only reason it'a rated R is they drop the F-bomb several times.

2. The Children's Hour-
    An Audrey Hepburn movie, very well produced and yet such a sad story. A movie about two school teachers who are. both women and friends. And a terrible lie about them being lesbians ruins their reputations. Though it's not true Martha (not Hepburn) does like her like that. And Karen's (Hepburn) fiancé leaves her. No spoilers but a sad yet good movie.

Finally #3, Gypsy-
     A okay movie about a doting stage mother, a dying vaudeville scene, and a troupe. Or was a so so. Not the best roles for anyone. But a well done production, songs, and acting. My favorite song was Rose's Turn.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Monday, 16 July 2012

La Boheme

I saw my fist opera last Saturday. I went with my mother to see La Boheme (The Bohemians.) It was put on by FLOT (Fairbanks Light Opera Theater.) They Project the English translations above the stage. I thought it was beautiful. It was funny and sad. The costumes were very good such as in act four when Musetta comes and tells them Mimi is dying Mimi comes up and her dress has rusty red spots on it to simulate the fact that she has TB and is coughing up blood. The songs were great and it was magical. It was great even if I didn't understand what they were saying. However the last act was sad when Rodolfo trys to warm her "small cold hands" because he talked about it earlier. It was just a wonderful evening. My mother during intermission was complaining that that never do Carmen we then looked at the other side of our programs and we saw that they're doing Carmen next year. So my mom and I promised each other we would see Carmen next year. Going to the opera was fun not only seeing it but getting to dress up. Puccini (he wrote La Boheme) writes magical operas.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Monday, 2 July 2012

Ahhhhh! Books.

I was bad this week as I went to the books store. I spent over $40 on books, journals, and other trinkets. I spent way too much. part of the giant dent was my $10 Dr. Who magazine. Yikes. Luckily some of the things I bought were 50% off. Either way I really need to stay away from books stores or things like that happen. Even at my Gulliver's the local one with cheap priced books (which is bad and I'll tell you why in a minute.) I tend to buy too many books. Because they're cheaper I can get more. So I love books store but try to budget how much I spend, which as shown above doesn't always work.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Friday, 29 June 2012

The World

Sometimes I think of the world as something of a hypothetical nature. Neither here, nor there. Sometimes the world feels like we think it up in our heads and sometimes the world. Just. Is. Because sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Life is stranger than fiction... sometimes.

I've been watching X-files, Twilight Zone, and reading a book about the unexplained. It made me think of the world and life. Now understand I'm a God fearing Christian. but I wonder about the meaning of life and the universe. How we try to explain the unexplainable. The remarkable, and the incredible. All I have to say is: life is merely... strange.

Something to think about over the weekend.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Doctor

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet but I'm a Doctor Who fan. I've been looking at ThinkGeek and was looking at the merchandise. It's awesome! They have TARDIS mugs, bathrobes, cookie jars, and money banks. They also have sonic screwdrivers, board games, sticky notes and fun tees. I recently watched an episode of the 9th Doctor when they went back in time to WWII and this child was "attacking" people.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Four Way Survey

So, let's see if I can make this whole thing sound sane so the Spinster found these questions and then Lynn found them and decided to do these questions today and Filly found them on Lynn's and she did them herself. So I figured whatevers good enough for them is good enough for me.

Q: If something is forbidden, do you want it less or more?
A: Depends, if it is illegal or against immoral no. But if it's something like a slice of cake on a diet or dressing "out of fashion" (such as wanting to wear my Victorian outfit I've sewn in public while I"m shopping) then I usually want it more.

Q: Is there an area of your life where you feel out of control? Especially in control?
A: I have to say that I can't control GVEA (electrical company) from not giving power outages. I can't control the stupid people in my classes from being stupid. But I can control what I think and do so I feel especially in control of myself and out of control of everyone else.

Q: If you unexpectedly had a completely free afternoon, what would you do with that time?
A: I'd pamper myself and knit and watch my Hepburn movies.

Q: Are you comfortable or uncomfortable in a disorderly environment?
A: If it's something like an office or class room I ca work with out being stressed out. But if it's my home and it's messy I start to get stressed, restless, and I start to cringe. Finally I have to do it or explode.

Q: How much time do you spend looking for things you can’t find?
A: More time than I wish I had. I have a bad habit of losing everything (or almost everything.)

Q: Are you motivated by competition?
A:No, I like doing things the way I want with out criticism. It also stresses me out. The only time I feel motivated is when I'm doing races (which I don't do in the first place.)

Q: Do you find it easier to do things for other people than to do things for yourself?
A: "Sometimes. I will cook more elaborate or nicer food to take someplace than what I'll fix for myself a lot of the time." Well put Filly.

Q: Do you work constantly? or think you should be working?
A: Yes and no, if you only count set working (school, homework, work) then no, I don't work constantly. But if not, then I do work all the time, I knit, sew, research, and post on the web + housework.

Q: Do you embrace rules or flout rules?
A: I can follow the rules if I want. But I think rules can be stupid and pointless. I sometimes break minor rules if I want. I feel likes it's a small step against "the man".

Q: Do you work well under pressure?
A: Mild to moderate pressure, yes. Extreme pressure, no.

Q: What would your perfect day look like?
A: Pamper myself, being alone, eating what I want, and watching all the TV and movies I want. Or spend the day with friends.

Q: How much TV do you watch in a week (include computer time spent watching videos, movies, YouTube)?
A: It depends, It can vary, If I'm watching ROV I can spend all day watching re-runs. Or any anime for that reason. Somedays it can be like an hour or it could be a whole day.

Q: Are you a morning person or a night person?
A: Night person, I work well at night I clean and do homework. I guess that's because I'm alone and it's quiet. I can super easily stay up to 3 A.M.

Q: What’s more satisfying to you: saving time or saving money?
A: Time, because I never have enough of it.

Q: Do you like to be in the spotlight?
A: Yes and no. I don't like it all the time but I relish those moments when I'm publicly recognized.

Q: Is your life “on hold” in any aspect? Until you finish your thesis, get married, lose weight?
A. No, If my life was on hold I would be a pathetic person. I merely take life as it comes.

Q: What would you do if you had more energy?
A: I would read more, knit more, stay up for several days, and do my homework at night.

Q: If you suddenly had an extra room in your house, what would you do with it?
A: A sewing room, because I don't have one, or a library because I don't have one.

Q: What people and activities energize you? Make you feel depleted?
A: My friends, reading, knitting, and sewing make me feel energized. School makes me feel depleted.

Q: Is it hard for you to get rid of things that you no longer need or want?
A: Not really.

Q: Do you get frustrated easily?
A: Ugh, yes. I get really made first I swear and just get mad. Then I cry. I hate crying because I look ugly. Plus I just hate crying. 

Q: On a typical night, what time do you go to bed? How many hours of sleep do you get?
A: I try to go to bed at 10:30 but I'm a night person so it's hard. I get about 6-8 hour of sleep.

Q: If at the end of the year, you had accomplished one thing, what is the one accomplishment that would make the biggest difference to your happiness?
A: Finish writing my book

Q: And here’s another question for you. What questions would you add to this list, to help other people know themselves better? It’s so important, and so elusive.
A: If you could do something different with your life - not the career you currently have - what would it be? (I would own a sewing and knitting cafe'/ bookstore/ run a book club. That's my dream career.)

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Links De Jour!

Harry Potter in a different light- I'm not a HP fan even though I read all 7 books. so if you're a die hard HP fan please don't read this you'll find it insulting. This is really funny.

Lord of the Hissy Fit, The Legend of the Totally Lost Mountie, For the Love of Scottie McMullet, and Many More...- A blogger re wrote the titles of romance novels also very funny.

The Usabilty of Passwords- While my password pertains to me but it's longer than 3 letters + I don't give it out.

Grammar Goofs-  I'm guilty of #14 several times but I'm kind of smug because I barely ever do grammar mistakes. (However they misses #16 Cause and Because.)

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Monday, 25 June 2012

Movie Today!

I went and saw Brave today.  And I promise no spoilers. I cried very hard at the second sun rise. It was the mother daughter bond that made me very sad by the fact it was going to be permanently severed. This movie is heart felt and very funny. It has a very happy ending and is one of Pixar's best. This is also the first movie with a heroine. Amazing and wonderful a very good 2012 movie. I'm also going to see An Unexpected Journey this December. And There and Back Again next year. (If there is a next year. See my second post.) These are both The Hobbit part 1 and 2.

I Guess I'm Not Very Feminine...

I this page on 10 Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own (via Violins and Starships) and decided to analyze my own closet.

The Pencil Skirt- No, leave that to the models.

Layering Tank Top- One and it's white and I only use it when I'm wearing white tees.

Little Black Dress- No, no I don't.

The Perfect Jeans- I own jeans but they're not perfect and I wear skirts more often because pants chafe me.

Lightweight Cardigan- If you only count short sleeved ones no, if you count long sleeved ones yes. I have a long sleeved black cardigan its made of cashmere and I only use it as a pajama cover in the morning and in the winter.

White Pants- Only used when I dress up as Oscar François De Jarjeyes.

Tote Bag- Nope, I don't have enough crap to even fill up my small bag let alone enough to fill up a tote.

Ballet Flats- No, I have flats but nothing resembling a ballet flat.

Blazer- No, and I ask you why do you need one?

Black Pants- No, and once more why do I need one?

So I guess I should shop... But that's not a priority I have my own sense of style and I almost  never follow fashion.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm Back!

And, yes, I know I'm a crap blogger...

Your Overlady has been reading and gardening. I have decided to re-read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (whose name happens to be my middle and last name.) Because I read it before and never finished. Hell I didn't even get to India. But I loved what I read it's so meaningful and enlightening. Just a wonderful read. She is also reading 'Shadows of the Sun (A book about McCoy,) Sarek, The Help, and Spock's World.' She is also watching movies. which she shall now review.

Breakfast at Tiffany's-
An interesting movie staring Audry Hepburn and based on a novel by Truman Capote. Audry Hepburn play Holly a gold digger who is more interested in what's in a mans wallet that his head. And George Peppard who plays a 'kept' man who is also a struggling author. He meets Holly because and through the movie they fall in love. I thought the movie was strange but highly enjoyable. She even owns Moon River sung by Hepburn on itunes. The movie has a very happy ending. But Hepburn can play an infuriating character by being a gold digger. 

Another Hepburn movie. In this she plays Sabrina who is in love with a man named David but he doesn't love her back. She tries to kill herself but Lionel saves her and she goes to Paris and learns how to cook. She comes back and both of them fall in love with her. But David is engaged. She falls in love with Lionel but tries to fool herself and in the end they go to Paris together.

She has also been watching a lot of Red Dwarf

This July she has a lot planned. She is going to see Brave next Monday (Prepare for the review,) La Boheme done locally, and a wedding of her friends cousin.

MaggieG Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


More on reading. I've started to read Eat, Pray, Love again. My local library is doing a benefit for the new library to be built. You're supposed to come dressed as your favorite storybook character. I'm going to come as Jane Eyre. Probably will be fun now I'm going to watch ROV. Bye.

Friday, 8 June 2012


First, sorry, I have been away form the internet for a while. But here in Alaska it's been raining for two weeks. Perfect for reading but not for gardening. So I've been going to the local library a lot. And donating my nickels (because they're worthless) to the project to build a new library. I'm now reading Spock's World, Jane Eyre, and Romancing Miss Brontë. I've also spent a lot of time cleaning my house. It's scary.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Don't Know...

I don't know what to call this post. This kind of has just a bit of everything in it (except Star Trek because I talked about it Saturday.) Oh, I forgot to mention SPOILER ALERT!!!
I didn't get to watch the series finally of House. So I bough it on itunes and finally had enough time to watch it yesterday. I knew he was hallucinating from the heat and smoke inhalation. I recognized the suicidal employee (it might have helped that they mentioned that he was the one who killed himself.) I also recognized Wilson's dead fiance. Sadly though, It took me 7 minuets to recognize Cuddy. I feel terrible. Seeing him die was kind of sad too, he was so close to getting out, then the board crashed on him and he died. The eulogy was nice especially when Wilson had his turn. It was nice because everybody was making House into somebody he wasn't. Then Wilson gets up there and he speaks the truth. House was an ass. I though it was cool how House texted him from the afterlife. And it was cool how he was there for Wilson for those last five months. Well as a spirit.
Just a bit on music. If you haven't heard of the band O-Zone it's okay. They are just a hugely popular Romanian group. Well... popular in Romania.  I don't really understand what they're saying but it's pretty catchy music. not much to talk about but had to mention this.

O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Radio Edit)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out!

 Warning: Today's post is overtly Trekkie.
I've been watching a lot of Star Trek The Original Series (TOS.) (And before I go on it might be a good time to mention that my absolute FAVORITE is Dr. McCoy.) My mother and I agreed on this; First Season, good plots, not so good character development. Second Season, okay plots/story lines, really good character development. Third Season, Sucky plots/ story lines, no character development. All-in-all the third season went to hell. But before you get on me abpou8t what I just said listen. I think that but I under stand that they had different writers and Rodenberry wasn't there. So the new writers made it like a really low budget space opera/ future based soap opera.
I finanlly got my hands on a copy of Spock's World By Diane Duane. I read Doctor's Orders and loved it*. so I decided to read Spock's World. I didn't know my library had it since the last time I looked for it the search came up nothing. But this time it turned out the only copy in the Fairbanks North Star Bourough (FNSB.) Was here at the North Pole Public Library. Yea! So I"m also posting from there, and I got Spock's World today. I can't wait to read it.

MaggieG., Evil Goblin Overlady

*See paragraph above, Doctor's Orders is about McCoy

Friday, 25 May 2012


It's time for those summer reading programs to start here in Alaska. Time to convince the kids to pull out their books and read them. Mothers start driving their cars to the local libraries so kids can get their stickers in the books. Time for the middle schoolers to write summaries and be put in drawings for prizes. Then time for the adults to wait for winter to roll around so they can do their reading program. I wonder, has it changed over the years. (Because this is what it's like here in Alaska.) Either way I read all the time. It's a ton of fun.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Here is something interesting to read and kill time, Strange Openings In Books.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I've learned recently that Star Trek is going to London! All I have to do is get there. However it's kinda pricey to get a good deal. I could probably afford the Gold Pass. It's not the most glamorous, but it's one of the best and the only one i can afford that's awesome. It's not bad but I don't have the money for the Platinum or VIP passes. I wish. But meeting Shatner would be really cool. I have to wait and see though. I also have to think about the hotel, eating, plane flights. But I think it would be worth it. What do you think?

-Maggie, Evil Goblin Overlady, And Convention Hopeful

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Miss Me?

Yay! I'm back I haven't posted for a while for two reasons. One, I've been having trouble posting here. There is a glitch. Two, I found this new place called Librarything I'm Maggie21. It's used to manage your library. It also has forums. So it's kinda like a giant book club.
Summer's here in Alaska! Finally, I was getting really tired of the cold. I can also sit outside in the sun to read, and drink iced coffees. Yum!
My uncle's (Zoopraxiscope) financial situation is no longer desperate. It's only uncomfortable. This is after helping my grandparents move from Virginia to Kansas.
Time for  a bit of random linkage

Nifty Scissors- If I could choose...all the antique ones.

"I Want To Believe"-Yeah...

Bizzare Furniture- Do Not Want.

That's my updated life
MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all those moms' who read this blog and to my mother, who is very special to me and loves me. I'm happy to spend mother's day with her.
I clean my house today. It's something that needed to be done, I had to do it. Now I'm finished and can relax. So tired need food, bath, and a nap.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jane Eyre

Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton
I have found a version of Jane Eyre with the actress Zelah Clarke. It's amazing. She is such a good actress and it stays true to the book. I think it's wonderful and very good. I also think the book is wonderful and very good.
I'm not sick anymore! yay!
The only knitting stitch I currently know is the garter stitch but it works for scarfs.

Friday, 4 May 2012

A Very Random Day.

May the forth be with you.
That's right it's Star Wars day! However I prefer Star Trek. I have other stuff to talk about though.
Such as; *sniff, sniff* I couldn't get to the craft store today to buy my much needed yarn and knitting needles. Maybe tomorrow, I shall prevail!
An excerpt from another great blog Movie Critic. He reviews on of my favorite anime programs (The)Rose of Versailles. (Click on the link to read full review.)
"Something like the anime "Rose of Versailles" happened just once and never again."
Couldn't have put it better myself.
Am currently buying Doctor Who on itunes! Yay! I prefer the 9th doctor. He's pretty cool and really funny.
And yes, I am wearing my Empire Strikes Back t-shirt
And yes, I am a Nerdfighter!

-MaggieG., *sick* Evil Goblin Overlady and Negotiator

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Do any of my blog readers here knit? Do any of you have any ideas for easy starter projects? Leave your comments or E-Mail me. Please...? Eventually I would like to make a pink fluffy sweater like Miss Marple whom I always prefer to be played by Julia McKenzie.  So knitting is in my future. I just need to take a class on it... but that's not the point. Still sick, hate it have been taking DayQuil and eating yogurt and cottage cheese all day, I'm going to take a nap now...

-Maggie, The *sick/cough* Evil Goblin Overlady and Negotiator

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I'm sick! I can't be sick I hate being sick.But since I'm sick I have been surfing the inter-web, and have thought about taking up knitting. I've been reading Agatha Christie. I'm also coughing my lungs out. It's a wet cough that hurts. I could take several medications, DayQuil, Delsym, or Alkaseltzer. *cough*  I took a dose of DayQuil and all it did was make it a bit easier to swallow with a bit less pain. Delsym if I had taken it would have made my coughs a little less wet and hurt a little less. Alkaseltzer does more than DayQuil...Aaauuuggghhh I don't have an Alkaseltzer Cold left oh well.

 Found these Amazing socks that I want to own or knit (And yes that is a TARDIS).

See what I mean by surfing the internet? I've also been searching the Archives of my Minions and Goblins.  *cough* I HATE with a passion being sick. Possible update later *cough*

Update-There is a chocolate bar on the kitchen counter that is calling me but at the same time is saying "You wont be able to enjoy me until you're not sick anymore." *cough* Please leave comments. Now anybody can leave comments.

-MaggieG.- *sick* Evil Goblin Overlady and Negotiator

Monday, 30 April 2012


People are getting on my nerves! First, I know this person who won't stop looking on my shoulder or shut up while I'm on the internet. That is one of my pet peeves. People who have no authority over me get on my nerves too. People who mispronounce words and make no attempt to correct themselves also get on my nerves. The would if full of people who get on everybody's nerves. The stupid people on the planet are the worst! But if you're reading this now you are pretty smart. I had to rant that's all.


I got my new glasses in today and can finally see the world clearly! It's amazing, I haven't seen clearly before. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

The Goblin negotiations are underway it seems that the governments of several countries have already written up documents for our rights. But this is a negotiation so we'll try to get better rights than what they're offering.

-Maggie, Evil Goblin Overlady and Negotiator

Star Trek Docs, I like McCoy the most.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The World Shall (not) End!

I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately. So I pulled out my crystal ball and decided to tell what I think. So the world shall "end" on Dec. 21 2012...right? Well we'll start with the calender part the Mayans stopped their calender at 2012. O.K. no one has yet to address the fact that the conquistadors started showing up. Well if we all remember history class they weren't nice to the Mayans so the Mayans didn't have had much time to keep working on their calender and had to stop and it was some absolutely random date. Part 2 what will happen around 2012. On the days of Dec 21st and 20th the world will be turmoil then on Dec. 21st when the world hasn't ended people will go to sleep and wake up on the 22nd. Warning: Do not go to work or drive on either the 21st or the 20th.  We'll have drunk drivers and it's dangerous. Especially in Alaska.

-Maggie, Evil goblin Overlord and Negotiator.

To Start Off

Hello everybody my name is Margaret but you can call me Maggie. I live in Alaska though I'd rather live in England. I like Anime, Star Trek, Cats, and old TV. I also have a wide taste in music and like to swim and bike. I am the niece of Don at Zoopraxiscope and have two other blogs on two different hosting sites. I hope you'll like my blog.

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