Sunday, 22 September 2013



So the little fish is happy.

And Rochester is waaaay better than Darcy

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

First of all, one cannot insult what one has not read with an open mind. Darling, you have no right to insult the Victorian demi-god in a top hat of the classical literary world. Mr. Darcy is simply better than Mr. Rochester and one day you will accept this literary law. Until then everyone should vote for Phileas because it sounds better for a fish. 

That fish better be happy it's getting so much attention. The naming process is more argumentative than need be for a virtual animal that swims in circles and feeds on mouse clicks.

On another completely unrelated note, I finished the Picture of Dorian Grey and it has quickly become my new favorite novel. Exploring the corruption and psyche of the human mind as well as guilt and conscience, madness, and what drives a man to murder as well as said corruption. My favorite character would have to be dear Lord Henry. The man most reminds me of myself when he meticulously plans out how to mess with people's heads just because it seems fun to play mind games with an unsuspecting individual. He is also startlingly perceptive for someone ignorant of the real underlying situation. I love the part where he says he wished he knew someone who had committed a murder, and Dorian is off to one side nearly hyperventilating at this point. Silly Dorian, of course you are still ugly, just on the inside.

-High Functioning Sociopath

Friday, 13 September 2013

In Responce

So HFS compared Phileas to Mr. Darcy, if that isn't a reason to not vote for Phileas I don't know what is.


-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello again my loyal and most respectful subjects and or servants. Have you ever heard of the novel Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne? It has become one of my favorite classical novels, with its gripping adventure and high stakes. Would you not want to go around the world in a variety of vehicles with the classic Gentlemanly hero, a foreign princess, a french valet, a case of money, a deadline, and the promise of £20,000 to win or loose? Phileas Fogg is the Mr. Darcy of a world adventure. Set in the Victorian England time, this book follows the fantastical travels of a man debatably less mad than Captain Nemo, yet just as calculating, mysterious, and fascinating. 

Gaze upon the visage of the humble hot-air balloon, majestic and free in it's natural habitat in the sky. It carries heroes to freedom, and adventurers to adventure. Though it is not the most extraordinary means of transportation in the novel, it is the most iconic.

Now, do me a favor. Take a break, relax, think about how amazing Phileas Fogg is, and roll the mouse over to that poll in the top right hand corner. Go ahead and click on the circle nearest Phileas. Now go ahead and feel good about yourself because you have done a wonderful thing just now. You have saved a fish from being named something that rhymes with dorsal fin! Because you have saved his life, the fish is eternally grateful.

All inter-blog wars aside, it is one of my favorite novels, and we need more votes. As a tip of the day, it is not widely accepted in most cultures to chase one's family members with a severed moose leg, or any other various organs, limbs, ect.

-High Functioning Sociopath

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Okay you see that little poll over -------> there?
What you need to do is click on the name that says Dorian okay? Please?

You see it's like this:

If you love your Goblin leader and main blogger you'll vote for Dorian.

If you're a bigger fan of the newb HFS (and seriously why would you be? I'm the more lovable one.) Then you'll vote for her name Phileas.

So really? Which one is the better vote?

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.


So recent;y I have watched the BBC version of the play Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. I WAS AMAZING YOU NEED TO WATCH IT.

Nothing much else going on right now. But I figured you people could use a break after dealing with HFS for a while there.

-Maggie G, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Peace Offering Becase I Can

This is for you darling, after all who doesn't love murder?
 If nothing happens, then just wait. The picture is animated.

I spent way longer on this than I meant to but that’s okay because John’s walk turned out awesome.

- High Functioning Sociopath

Pride and Prejudice and Blogging

It is that time of year again. Time for the literary beginnings of classical Victorian literature; time for Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, and Pride and Prejudice. It is also time for you to read these masterpieces if you have not already. 

My personal favorite is Pride and Prejudice, though Miss Eyre remains a close second. I never have liked romance novels, but the witty exchanges between Elizabeth and Darcy, along with the ridiculous characters of Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Collins, and Lady Catherine made me laugh, especially at the best parts. My favorite part of the novel would either be Mr. Collins' proposal, or Darcy's. Both of the rather proud men waltz in on Lizzy and blurt out a rather pompous speech about how inferior Elizabeth is before proposing. Both men, completely sure they cannot be anything but accepted, are at once refused, much to their great consternation and bewilderment. I could just imagine the look of shock written on their faces.
The best movie version of the book would be the three part BBC version. I really cannot get over how greasy and utterly revolting Mr. Collins looks. Look at that face. Would you want to marry that face? I’m surprised Elizabeth did not become ill.

One thing in life that absolutely irritates me would be classic novel monster mash-ups. Little Women and Werewolves was like Victorian Twilight without the vampires. Speaking of vampyres, another book was Mr. Darcy Vampyre. This story follows Elizabeth after marriage as she discovers she married a not-so-sparkly, bloodsucking, French, gentlemanly, Dracula. Eliza’s character becomes greatly warped, and I found I could not enjoy the book. The only one so far to agree with myself was Pride Prejudice and Zombies. This is a gory blood-spattered trilogy of a brave heroine who must overcome her personal issues while defending England from hordes of flesh eating Unmentionables, or zombies. The books made me laugh through the almost over dramatic actions of the still very Austen characters. The central book still follows the original plot rather closely, and the tale becomes almost unbearable to put down.


Any novel by Austen is full of witty characters. To leave you with a quote to remember, “Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.” Or so says the ever bookish Mary.

If you will now excuse me, I must wake my brother by poking him with a moose leg. I rather enjoy waking him up when I get up before him. Yes, the leg is disconnected from the rest of the body. I think it may be considered rather odd, but I bring in the various organs for extra credit in science. I think the moose head will be put outside with the goat heads.

-High Functioning Sociopath

Saturday, 31 August 2013


While not as impressive as the 100th, which is rightfully mine and it's not /my/ fault I have semi-slow internet is it HFS? IS IT!! Oh and for the record I can indeed delete that post.

And NEW POLL!!! We need to name that last little fishy, and the two to choose from are Dorian and Phileas, and FYI NOT AS IN HARRY POTTER.

-Maggie G, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The 100th Post!

I called it! Just saying. This is the 100th post on The Goblin Revolt. While I do acknowledge that I only contributed about three posts in the entirety of the blog I still feel obligated to slip in front of those who have worked hard, but waited to long and have missed their chance. I will now astound and amaze you with my ability to draw the common eye upon my brilliant words. 

With nothing better to speak of, I shall turn my attention to the upcoming fall, and beginning of school season. I merely wish to give my advice and encouragement to those of you entering into the halls of the eagerly awaiting buildings of mandatory learning. Good luck all. You will need it. Trust me. You will.  

In other news I have found a new song that I find acceptable. Please hold your gasps of surprise and dramatic sputtering until the duck. The song is in french: Berceuse Bancale by Jessica Fichot.

I will also recommend one of my only other songs that I like from the 30 songs I own. This one is in Japanese: Suna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima.

Au revoir peasents, and until we blog again. In the meantime enjoy this invisible picture of a duck, because I have yet to learn how to insert illustrations into my narrations. I also have yet to learn how to make tags, or pie. I still can't make pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie. Mmmmmmmm.Scratch that, I figured out tags, but not pictures, and I still love pie.


-High Functioning Sociopath

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Little Gore to Brighten Your Day

Alright then, for those of you who are color blind, I am the one typing in green. For those of you blessed with perfect sight, I am the one typing in red. Happy darling? I have decided to make a sort of book thing post. I tell you what I'm reading, and you listen with bated breath. I was recently encouraged to pick up a novel of Stephen King's by my dear Freaking watson Junior. (Goblin Overlady) Due to my recent interest in the, not quite straight out horror, but the truly creepy, I have come to love Poe and making eyeballs out of clay. I decided to give Misery a try and in less than a day I have almost finished it. I love it. Annie is a psycho, but is far from stupid. She is a mastermind of her own world, meticulously charting out every obstacle that could get in the way of her perfect little world, and ruin her own sense of right. Along comes a man into her life that is the very basis of one of her obsessions, poor Paul Sheldon. He is the writer of her favorite novel series, Misery. His legs are shattered, he can't get help, and Annie's mood is as violently bipolar as my 10th grade Chemistry teacher's was. It is a battle of the minds as Paul tries to struggle his way out of this fun-house, and survive the twisted wrath of Annie who has just discovered the death of her favorite character, Misery. Now he has to write a new Misery novel for her, and live to tell the tale. Truthfully I'm in love with Annie's shattered mind, and the way King writes. She may be broken, but she hides it well. She "keeps up appearances" and dictates her own messed up reality. She is her own God in a sense, and suddenly she has enough power over one man to basically be one. I cant wait to see how it ends. 

In other news, I have just been informed by cruel family members that season 5 of Merlin had come out on Netflix some time ago. As soon as Freaking watson Junior finishes seasons 1-4 I will watch 5. You owe me for waiting for so long just so we can watch them together. 

 I also need to find fishing line so I can fix this antique necklace. I love antique stuff, but not the dust. Dust is on my extensive "List of Things I am Allergic to." 

-High Functioning Sociopath

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Okay, so I'm looking for Sherlock arts and crafts projects to keep me busy because I'm really I don't know bored?! (I've actually got some ideas now though.) But here is a youtube video I found that I thought I'd share.
Yes, the song from Annie Get Your Gun.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

(And I thought I'd had it with Doc. Who.) -_-

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Sponge

This is the lovely sponge HFS gave me. I also recently read The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaimen's new book. Post about that tomorrow.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Um, Hehe, Erm.....

About that last post by HFS, well... She's not going to be overtaking this blog anytime soon. Not if I can help it at least. (I WILL take your admin powers away!) However, she is the one writing in red (unless you're colorblind. DID YOU TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION HFS?! DID YOU?!) Oh well, it's easy to tell which are her posts, they'll be the haughty pretentious complicated more Sherlock-ish, if you catch my drift. (Do you?)


I mad more turnovers, they're so delicious! Better than yesterdays, I had changed the recipe. Usually I follow the one below:

2 1/2 cups flour
Shake of salt
3/4 cups shortening/butter
6-7 tablespoons water/Vodka (I'll explain in a bit)

So you cut the shortening into the flour and salt, slowly add the water vodka mix stiring as you go. (Don't over work the dough) roll it out for pies and such. (yeah it's not a detailed recipe but what the heck.)

So I do a half butter half shortening mix for flavor and flakiness. I also add the vodka because the alcohol burns off and it acts as a very good bonding agent. However, the dough then tends to get tough very quickly. So I omitted the shortening and vodka today and they turned out even better than yesterday. Simpler is just better I guess.

(And would the person(s) who found my blog via searching 'Benedict Cumberbatch' please contact me.... I want to know how the hell you did it. Because I've tried.)

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Friday, 12 July 2013

Be in Awe of My Power

I, the High Functioning Sociopath, have gained new power over this blog. I have become a co-blogger, so congratulate me. I believe I owe my thanks to you, random and nameless people, who have given this blog a popularity boost. Because of your enjoyment of this blog, I have been asked to bring my online people skills to the forefront of this blog. Thank you, and I hope you continue to support my eventual takeover of the Internet. First this blog, then the Internet, then the world! I would also like to bring to your attention that anything in red should be my ramblings, while not my ramblings are in not red. To commemorate this momentous occasion I have drawn you a unicorn. His name is Chubby the Unicorn. Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures to show up, so Chubby the Unicorn will be making his appearance sometime later.


I finally made them! The HFS and I today enjoyed in the partaking of apple /sugar/cinnamon turnovers. Homemade! HFS would like me to mention that she did indeed measure the flour for the crust of the turnovers while I did.... everything else.
Don't they look tasty?
She did actually bring her own milk. She makes me so proud! Let it rain sparkles!

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

A Few More Things

HFS made a brilliant quote today I'd like to share it:
"When they come prancing in followed by rainbows and unicorns while sparkles fall from the sky."
Brill eh? You'd have to know what she was actually talking about but it was damn funny.

As a matter of fact. HFS is soon to be a  co-blogger. Soon she shall wield the power of posting once she gets over here and I show her how to work blogger. (Tomorrow hopefully. I'm gonna have turnovers!) So I hope you'll stick around to see what ramblings I mean words of incredible importance she posts on here. That's all for now.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

What is Wrong With This Fandom?

Cumberbitches. There I typed it. The newest fandom I am aware of. Keep your Sherlockians, your Trekkies, your Whovians, your Rebels. Women of today are Cumberbitches.

Come. On. You have got to be kidding me. Cumberbitches? Really? ANYONE could have come up with something better. ANYONE.

Okay I found a quote on this matter:
"Do any of those words make sense to you? They might, if you’re among the almost 37,000 members of “the most glorious and elusive society for the appreciation of the high cheekboned, blue eyed sexbomb that is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch,”
This quote was in an article I read on the matter. Now I love Cumberbatch. I really do. He's right up there in my adoration spectrum I just don't fawn over him around people. Just in private while I re-watch 'A Study in Pink' for the gazillionth time. But nonetheless I could have come up with a better fandom name. Which is why HFS and I have decided to start the 'I am Sherlocked' revolution. Starting now we are on a mission to eradicate the word 'Cumberbitch' from the Earth, (hey we're ambitious.) So today ladies of the highly esteemed Goblin High Court. When you go out today or go onto twitter. Don't identify as a 'Cumberbitch' instead say 'I am Sherlocked' because that HAS to be beter somehow. (Tweeting it works too.)

This has to be better.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

P.S. I found a swell name online 'Benaddicts'! It's great!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Phantom (Demon) Poodle

So as we were leaving the opera we decided to stop and grab a soda (which isn't helping the overlady's dentist induced headache.) And my mother, The Dame Margaret, saw a black poodle. Unfortunately, attempts to see the dog again proved futile and it was lost. Whether it was a phantom or demon remains unknown. (HFS wanted me to put this down.)

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

On Carmen:

Well I was under enthused. It really was too sexual in all. The music was great but by the end of it I was just glad they were dead. But when I say too sexual I mean it. However, done right it could have been good. The costumes and scenery were good, the voices were good, and the story line was good. The sexual dancing..... not so much. I'm sorry to report that this was what mostly caught my eye. More from HFS in comments.

-MaggieG, (Tired) Evil Goblin Overlady

P.S. Might do a better post later.

This Post Specially Dedicated To...

HFS, because when I sent these through e-mail the disintegrated into numbers and letters. These were what I was sending to you. (It was late, 3 A.M., and I was bored.)

Despite grammar errors, it's pretty accurate.

HFS! They look like the horses you draw!

Arthur: Don't worry, Merlin! There is nothing I can't defeat! Camelot is safe with me! Merlin: Err... Sure, Sire, sure. *Utters incomprehensible magic formulas* (for those of us who can't read it.)

Yeah, but Merlin's team has magic!
Like I said in 'Blech' I had entirely too much time on my hands. And well..... you like Merlin.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.

P.S. HFS, I'll give you lessons soon.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


This is what happens when you have entirely too much time on your hands, the internet at your disposal, and you're trying to figure out how the heck some of the search terms even lead to your blog:

25 Things That Prove Benedict Cumberbatch is the Perfect Man I agree with a few....

My Happy Sewing Place It's a vintage sewing blog. I love it.

Cute Knitting Patterns I enjoy knitting occasionally, but HFS enjoys it a lot more.

I Write Like A text analyzer. Write something into it and it tell you what famous writer you're most like. (I got J.D. Salinger.)

They could be cousins. The cheekbones ahhh the cheekbones. (Benedict's cuter though.)
Wait wait wait?! When did Matt Smith end up in here. He's not anywhere near looking related.

I might not not post for a bit, I've given you about a weeks worth of posts in two days or so.


-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Fish!

Okay so HSF (and no you're not getting a new name!) and I have named the goblins pet fish as follows:

Green: Miss Eyre
Yellow: Adele
Orange: Mr. Rochester
Red: Arthur
Blue: Merlin
Grey 1: Sherlock
Grey 2: Watson
White #1: Captain Nemo

Now we've got two more fish to name (poll on right hand side). Here are the name options:


Vote by the end of the month. (Oh and all the names are literary)

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Too Many

This is what happens when you take too many vacation pics:

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Lot's O' Boats!

So I took TONS of pictures of boats here I'll share them.

Valdez Spirit, the glacier cruise boat I went on.

Adorable play on words

It's a pirate themed boat. HOW COOL?

It's little flag.

It's just missing the U.S.S.

The Harbor (again)

Sea Bear's Decal

Looks cool huh?

The name is stupid but the dead fish letters are cool.

This sail boat is 100% made of wood, it's beautiful.


Can someone name where the boat's name is from?

Shadowfax from another angle.

More pictures of the sail boat.

Wasn't in harbor but I liked the name.

And it's the DAWN TREADER (where's the name from?)

Still the 'Treader

Isn't it pretty?

Will you do the fandango?

Also made of mostly wood, it's so pwetty.

Sea Duction

This picture specially for HFS

It's a glorified houseboat. No joke.

Hunky Dory (just made me think of the Bowie album.

"Now Clara, who's Clara?" *wink*

Glorified Houseboat. Told ya!