Sunday, 30 June 2013

See Ya!

I'll be back in a week guys. Hope ya'll miss me. The goblins'll take care of you. They'll show you our ancient archives, where your rooms are, and be at your beck and call. I'll see you in a week, take care.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Sherlock: Review

I don't make it a habit to post on Sundays. I generally avoid this. I have virtually promised myself that the Sabbath would be a day to not worry about posting.... Oh well. I recently watched two new episodes of Sherlock and decided to write a review up for the two episodes.

The Blind Banker

In this episodes Sherlock has discovered a Chinese number system which is also being used as a cypher by a Chinese smuggler gang known as the Black Lotus.

The story starts with a woman who performs a ancient tea ritual for tourists. She later disappears without explanation. Sherlock is then called to a bank in which the symbols: δΈ€ and 〥are painted in yellow spray paint on the walls of a dead man's office. They then go find the man who's office they were in. They find him dead, the new police detective thinks suicide but Sherlock, who's right, thinks it's murder. But they cannot figure out how he's getting in. All while this is going on John get's a job at a clinic. Where he finds himself attracted to the lovely doctor in charge. There are a few more murders and some black origami lotus blossoms left as a warning to victims. Sherlock almost dies, mostly from his fault. John ends up with a date with the pretty clinic doctor in which Sherlock gets them to go to a Chinese circus. They have a swell time until later when they think Watson is Sherlock and his date almost dies..... And I highly doubt she's going out with him again. The leader of the group escapes and much to Sherlock's chagrin.

The episode was intriguing and well paced. Hints of humor keep the tone. Not too much to note or anything. But don't worry I've got another episode. (I also haven't read the story that accompanies this one....)

A Scandal in Belgravia

Based on the Holmes story A Scandal in Bohemia Sherlock meets his match, The Woman.

Irene Adler is a dominatrix, and not just in her free time it's her job. There are, however compromising picture's of her and a female member of the royal family. Sherlock is to get these pictures from her and to Mycroft for safe keeping. He goes to her "Place of business" dressed as a priest. Little did he know he'd get in regardless of whether John hit him or not. He goes in only to have a naked Irene enter the room. As she's seducing him John walks in. (For some reason the thought of Leia kissing Han when C3PO walks in, in The Empire Strikes Back comes to mind.)But unlike everyone else Sherlock is unable to figure out anything about her. And is drawn by her intelligence. She dies leaving Sherlock despondent by it. In the end we find she was in connection to Moriarty, the "Consulting Criminal".

I disliked the portrayal of Irene Adler, once more this fell into the stereotype of women being forced to used their wiles to get information. While I have no complete problem with that, after all wiles can be a help occasionally (Gentleman Prefer Blondes, or Marylin in general). I just strongly disliked the idea that Irene Adler, who was incredibly intelligent and in this day and age, could have taken a well paying job, chose instead to basically sell herself as a living. Of course this was all by her choice and she owns her business independently but I still dislike it. This episode is actually pretty funny, I laughed a lot of the time. And the naked Irene only lasts for about fifteen minutes. I highly recommend this episode, I just dislike Irene's portrayal. But it's easy to see Sherlock's fascination with her. Her intelligence rivals his own making her attractive. But you sometimes have to wonder if it's just her brain he's attracted to.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Friday, 28 June 2013


So I've recently decided to try and watch the new Sherlock television programme. While I'm partial to Jeremy Brett playing one of my favorite detectives. I've decided to give Benedict Cumberbatch a try. I've so far made it only to 'A Study in Pink' (based on the story A Study in Scarlet by Connan Doyle.) But the show seems promising. It's certainly a modern and new twist but somethings about written Sherlock still hold true. The drugs are there, violin playing, Mrs. Hudson, Watson, and of course, 221b Baker St. However, there are some twists to which the show is different and intriguing.

Watson, for example still records Sherlock's doings, but in the form of a blog.

Then there are some, well even stranger things that Sherlock does, there's the eyeballs in the microwave, bloody thumbs in the fridge, and the skull. Well throw in "High functioning sociopath." (as Cumberbatch put it.) and you've got the modern Sherlock.

Each series contains three 1 1/2 hour episodes. I'm trying out number two. The show also has elements of humor, making the show less serious and more of a family program. I shall keep you updated.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady


Yes that's right, camping. The great outdoors, the feeling of one with nature, the mosquitoes. Yep the mosquitoes are killer this year. They are EVERYWHERE. (for some reason the image of the urbanite with a bag full of bug spray comes to mind. Either that or Niles Crane spraying bug dope everywhere.) But the mosquitoes are really bad. Plus if you add on the fact there are forest fires and that means road detours this is gonna be one very long trip. It's also supposed to be cloudy on Monday when we're leaving and that'll be nice since it'll stay cool(er). It's been getting up to ninety in the shade and that's been real tough on a gal who's only ever really been used to 70-80 degree summers. But the scenery will be nice considering how we'll be driving from interior Alaska to southern Alaska.

We're going to Valdez, a port town in southern Alaska known for it's tourist appeal and the fact it's main industry is fishing. Luckily since it's by the ocean the summer there will be more moderate. But it also entails a higher chance of rain. But the fishing industry is (as Mr. Spock would say) fascinating.

The smoke from the fires makes everything a bit hazy and orange-y. Much to my chagrin as it makes it harder to breath. That's always swell huh? The heat has also not helped this problem by making it muggy in the area where I live. Still making it hard to breath. I've been staying inside and avoiding being eaten alive and breathing in forest fire smoke. It's also ridiculously hot. Sleeping in a t-shirt is what I've been needing to do.

But whilst camping I'm not without the few things I'll need badly, notebook and pen, ipod and headphones, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and aspirin for my head. And maybe for the drive a thermos of hot tea could be nice.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Caught your attention hm?

First I'd like to say that I'm a shit blogger and I know it. I'm dreadful at it and well nothing happens to me and so I don't usually have something to say.

On to the post!

I'm terrified of death. T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D! It's just one of those things that scare me to no end. Really. The thought of death is right up there with my fear of spiders. (Family and friends know how really bad this fear is) The idea that we don't know what happens when we die. I know I'm told I have a soul and I believe so. But the people who are spouters of, "Religion is just a comfort for people" might just be onto something. You don't know. The thought that when I die I might just cease to be and get buried only to have all of my life over looked and never mean anything. All the good I did and repenting just 'poof' gone like that. The nothingness of that possibility is was scares me. The idea of nothing after death.

The other hand pf course is Heaven or Hell. I'd love to fully ever so fully be sure of this fate it's much more simple (add a purgatory in there of course).  It's also more reassuring that to God at least my life was worth something. It meant something. All the little kindnesses got me to Heaven (well more than likely I'm going to purgatory but that another story). And it's more of a comfort to sleep at night knowing that there is a sure thing in the afterlife. That all isn't for naught. That after this I just cease to be that's the comfort.

As I said, those people who say religion is to comfort people about death might be right; we just don't know do we? But that iffyness of death is the terrifying thought and one I'm just plain scared to think about. So is it just a comfort? Or should I be more sure of life after death?

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

P.S. This was cut off there for fear of talking about religion.
P.P.S. If my mother, The Dame Margaret reads this (and that shall be her official title on here) I'd prefer to not have a long conversation about religion please. I know and do indeed believe what my religion says.

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Poll!: Data From TNG: Sentient or Not?

Okay there will be a poll on the right side of this site vote there. The question is Data, an android, created by Dr. Noonian Soong, who is unable to feel emotions, unable to dream, unable to understand humor, or even use conjunctions. Is considered a sentient being by Next Gen. standards. Now when I'm talking about Data I'm talking pre-movie Data, NOT when he gets the emotion chip.

Now there are two side to the argument I shall do both:


Q did give him the chance to experience laughter. He is aware of all around him and the fact he's not human. He knows and understands this. He is constantly in search of what makes people people. He even became despondent when Lal died. He is therefore sentient.


He is a machine, they do what we tell them to do. He is cold and can barely grasp the use of idioms, sayings, and humor. And while he can grasp that he isn't human that doesn't mean he IS sentient. He's only aware of his surroundings because he's a machine programmed to be like that. He is therefore not sentient.