Monday, 31 December 2012

Well ONE last post.

Well I just set off some fireworks. What happened, you ask, to constitute this unprecedented post? I set off the works and some were little light weight. So I was setting off a little one that on the warning says, "Warning shoots flaming balls." However, it shot one strate up then the force knocked it over and started to shoot all ver the place. One zoomed over my head! I had to run inside so I didn't get hurt. It was scary and crazy all at once. Just wanted to share that.

I don't understand why but...
I really liked this picture and wanted to share it.
Then for some unexplicable reason it makes me think of this picture:
Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday" Not to hard to realize why.

Happy New Year
MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady
P.S. Will explain more about the goblin revolt next year.

Auld Lang Syne

Well it's been a great year... Well almost a year anyways... So I started this blog in June, it's been a year. Well everyone, it's been a swell year. I'm grateful for every reader and page view. I mean without the readers I wouldn't have kept writing this blog. Sure I slacked off until November but I won;t do that again I promise. So those of you reading hear this! so you read a blog and others and you look at he consistency of the posting. Well, you think, I can do that! That's what I thought in April, easy, I thought, what's so hard about writing on almost a daily basis. I have LOTS of ideas to share...I THOUGHT. If you go back a ways you'll see I ran out of ideas more than once. It's HARD. You don't think that when you read my posts do you? NO you think, oh that;s not so hard just write down your opinions and thoughts. It's a lot more than that. You have to make sure it's interesting to all. That's why I avoid Dr. Who and Star Trek filled posts. You have to make sure the posts don't offend anyone. I didn't realize how hard it was. You need to find inspiration and interesting topics, fun stuff and things people will be interested in. I salute you veteran bloggers and will one day join the ranks, I hope. I'm amazed at those bloggers who have blogged for 5+ years I'm amazed that they haven't run out of things to talk about or haven't become redundant. I pray the new year will bring me all sorts of inspiration and new ideas/topics to blog about. I promise not to slack off like I did. Happy New Year every one.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

What To Do....

Well the new year is round the bend. What am I doing for a resolution you ask? Well, your humble Overlady has decided to do something with in range. I have decided to read 52 books this year. More would be even better and to read every book that I haven't read in my library. I am reading as many books as there are weeks. I am anxious to start I love to read. I consume books at a rate of 4+ a month... Well I spend more money than that on books. Here, to make you feel better about what you spend on books I usually spend $60-$100 every time I go buying books. EVERY TIME. So because I buy so many books I haven't read most of them. The resolution is so I read all my books and can buy more guilt-free. Without worry! They're always coming out with books and I want to buy them but If I don't read the books now I never will so my resolution benefits me greatly. I wanted to make you feel better about how much you spend on books... Mission accomplished!

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

(Should auld acquaintance be forget and never brought to mind...)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Get It Right!

So for the longest time I've had one pet peeve I've only shared with one person: people using the wrong title! Now I realize you're saying to yourself what the heck is she talking about? I'll do my best to explain. First off before I begin I want to clarify, sadly I'm not neccesarily for women's equal right but I'm not against them. I think women should be able to hold down a job. Yet I also believe that a woman's place is in the home. While it is contradictory I believe in that. So let us begin and you'll see why I put that out there:
  1. Comedian v. Comedienne: I am sick and tired of women being addressed by what men are called women are NOT comedians they are comediennes! Get it right.
  2. Singer v. Songstress: While I know there is a songster I must say that if men are singers women are songstresses. they aren't singers.
  3. Murderer v. Murderess: You've probably never heard of  a murderess but it's a real word. Women are murderesses. but media has made it seem as though men and women are both murderers while this is not the case.
  4. Actor v. Actress: This is commonly used correctly but I just had to say I've heard a lot of people call actresses actors. Women aren't actors.
Well there's the list off the top of my head. If there's more let me know and I hope that this has widened your vocabulary and  you begin to call women by proper terms.

P.S. If a women is an assassin this is correct men and women have that one term.
P.P.S. It is only an assassination if it is a head of state, president, or royalty. Actors killed are NOT assassinations no matter what the media says.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady (yes, I created overlady, I got very tired of calling myself an overlord. If you go backand look at some of my older posts I address myself as an overlord but as I am female I've changed it accordingly.)

Friday, 21 December 2012

De Ja Veux

Even though it seems like de ja veux  we all knew this day was coming. I refer to my 2nd post on this wonderful blog. I discussed the world coming to an end. Well the day is here (today) and well... I'm posting this aren't I? The world is still turning, the snows still falling, the temperature is still -30 here. The probability was very small of the world ending anyway. I have many things I had to get done today. (I still have to do them) the only advantage of the world ending is that you don't have to do any more housework. But at the same time there is so much of my life left to live; I want to visit 9 countries (check out my wattpad page and then read my stories), read books (I have over 30 I need to read), skydive, scuba dive, cook, and finish watching The Original Series of Star Trek. I hope you all realize that life is too much worth living to give up. So forget the world ending and get on with life.

Okay so I won't be posting for the next 5-7 days this next week because of it being Christmas week. So just letting you know that when I don't post for about a week you know why. But the goblins have set out food and drinks, they're playing the old records, feel free to ask them if you need anything.  If you want page through old issues of this blog you might find something you overlooked. Thanks for reading withing you all a merry Christmas. If you have a problem with me only saying Christmas e-mail me. No comments please, not during this season of giving and love.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Saturday, 15 December 2012

I (Apparently) Hate Women...

It has been called to my attention by my friend (who's a guy, which is probably why he noticed this) that I seem to be against the women in TV shows that are for men to look at I shall explain with examples:

1. Tasha Yar (Star Trek The Next Generation)

She was the whiny lieutenant on the bridge, always questioning the captain, complaining, and yet she was there for men to look at. I just don't get it, at the end of the 1st season when she died I cheered, when she came back later I almost cried, she is my least favorite.

2. Beverly Crusher (The Next Generation)

She played the doctor. While she was really good at what she did, her bedside manner left a lot to be desired. Now don't get me wrong, she is beautiful at times, but when she was in sickbay she got very techno-babble-y. You could never understand a blasted thing she said. Then she and the captain had an affair, and she could get very Star Fleet regulation-strict, she just wasn't fun. she was there fr guys.

3. Deanna Troi (The Next Generation)

Like Crusher she could have moments where she was beautiful. She was the psychic counselor on board the Enterprise. now psychic counselor amounts to sitting on the bridge and say things such as "I feel happiness/hostility/anger/sadness..." She didn't do anything. There for guys...

4. (Bonus) Wesley Crusher (The Next Generation)

Yes, I DO know that this is a boy but I had to add him. He is Crusher's son, his is a self absorbed, moody, brooding, whiny, he's endangered the ship at least 2 times, and he can be really ungrateful. He is supposed to be for the girls, and for teens to relate to. He was not fun.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Little Data...

So I've been watching a lot of The Next Generation with Dr. Pulaskie. I watched an episode recently and wanted to share this clip of it with you guys... My loyal blog readers who check my blog all the time for new posts.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

What a Glorious Feelin'

So yesterday I went and saw a special showing of Singin' In The Rain, it was really magical. Seeing Gene Kelly on the big screen was really cool. I love that movie.

The premise of the trouble of talking pictures is pretty interesting. I really like how you don't know what Lina sounds like for about ten minutes. then her voice is so different than she looks.

The musical numbers are great "Make Em' Laugh," "Would You," "Singin' in The Rain," and "Good Mornin'" are some really great songs.

Some parts are really strange though, such as "Broadway Rhythm" and "The Dance of The Veil." those are the really out there ones.

I like how at the beginning when we learn Don's story we see what actually happened. While he makes up a puff piece for the fans.

Good Mornin'!
Then after the movie I had to do MORE Christmas shopping, I'm currently making and wrapping the gifts. Gotta finish that, so bye!

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady