Friday, 10 May 2013

Youtube Time!!!

Well it's been a while since I've done a youtube post. And luckily I've spent some time compiling vids.


Love this video, Neil Finn looks so hot....

This is a corny 1960's Beatle "Saturday Morning" cartoon thing. I like this one especially. Why does Paul even in cartoon form have to look prettier than me?

Watched this show growing up. Those who are avid Beatle listeners in my audience should get this it especially helps if you know more about them than just the music. For example, their pasts before they were super famous and what happened after the band. It'll make Moko Jono more funny. (BTW the reporter is named Pete Best! That's super funny right. Please tell me if any one else who watches this gets the reporters name.)

Possibly the best theme song ever.

Second best eulogy after Data's. Which I've already posted but I shall re-post:

Which is hilarious.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

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