Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The 100th Post!

I called it! Just saying. This is the 100th post on The Goblin Revolt. While I do acknowledge that I only contributed about three posts in the entirety of the blog I still feel obligated to slip in front of those who have worked hard, but waited to long and have missed their chance. I will now astound and amaze you with my ability to draw the common eye upon my brilliant words. 

With nothing better to speak of, I shall turn my attention to the upcoming fall, and beginning of school season. I merely wish to give my advice and encouragement to those of you entering into the halls of the eagerly awaiting buildings of mandatory learning. Good luck all. You will need it. Trust me. You will.  

In other news I have found a new song that I find acceptable. Please hold your gasps of surprise and dramatic sputtering until the duck. The song is in french: Berceuse Bancale by Jessica Fichot.

I will also recommend one of my only other songs that I like from the 30 songs I own. This one is in Japanese: Suna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima.

Au revoir peasents, and until we blog again. In the meantime enjoy this invisible picture of a duck, because I have yet to learn how to insert illustrations into my narrations. I also have yet to learn how to make tags, or pie. I still can't make pie. Strawberry rhubarb pie. Mmmmmmmm.Scratch that, I figured out tags, but not pictures, and I still love pie.


-High Functioning Sociopath


  1. Ya know... this site is a blog about books, Merlin, Sherlock and what not, so quit posting these unrelated subjects.

    1. This is a blog. Feel free to read what you enjoy, and ignore what you do not. If you detest the awe inspiring babbling of my mind, then feel free to skip over anything in red, or green if you are color blind. I am glad that you enjoy the blog enough to enter a complaint to management though. To appease your annoyance I will put up a picture just for you, since I have unlocked the secret to posting pictures. Please enjoy darling.


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