Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Little Gore to Brighten Your Day

Alright then, for those of you who are color blind, I am the one typing in green. For those of you blessed with perfect sight, I am the one typing in red. Happy darling? I have decided to make a sort of book thing post. I tell you what I'm reading, and you listen with bated breath. I was recently encouraged to pick up a novel of Stephen King's by my dear Freaking watson Junior. (Goblin Overlady) Due to my recent interest in the, not quite straight out horror, but the truly creepy, I have come to love Poe and making eyeballs out of clay. I decided to give Misery a try and in less than a day I have almost finished it. I love it. Annie is a psycho, but is far from stupid. She is a mastermind of her own world, meticulously charting out every obstacle that could get in the way of her perfect little world, and ruin her own sense of right. Along comes a man into her life that is the very basis of one of her obsessions, poor Paul Sheldon. He is the writer of her favorite novel series, Misery. His legs are shattered, he can't get help, and Annie's mood is as violently bipolar as my 10th grade Chemistry teacher's was. It is a battle of the minds as Paul tries to struggle his way out of this fun-house, and survive the twisted wrath of Annie who has just discovered the death of her favorite character, Misery. Now he has to write a new Misery novel for her, and live to tell the tale. Truthfully I'm in love with Annie's shattered mind, and the way King writes. She may be broken, but she hides it well. She "keeps up appearances" and dictates her own messed up reality. She is her own God in a sense, and suddenly she has enough power over one man to basically be one. I cant wait to see how it ends. 

In other news, I have just been informed by cruel family members that season 5 of Merlin had come out on Netflix some time ago. As soon as Freaking watson Junior finishes seasons 1-4 I will watch 5. You owe me for waiting for so long just so we can watch them together. 

 I also need to find fishing line so I can fix this antique necklace. I love antique stuff, but not the dust. Dust is on my extensive "List of Things I am Allergic to." 

-High Functioning Sociopath

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