Wednesday, 18 September 2013

First of all, one cannot insult what one has not read with an open mind. Darling, you have no right to insult the Victorian demi-god in a top hat of the classical literary world. Mr. Darcy is simply better than Mr. Rochester and one day you will accept this literary law. Until then everyone should vote for Phileas because it sounds better for a fish. 

That fish better be happy it's getting so much attention. The naming process is more argumentative than need be for a virtual animal that swims in circles and feeds on mouse clicks.

On another completely unrelated note, I finished the Picture of Dorian Grey and it has quickly become my new favorite novel. Exploring the corruption and psyche of the human mind as well as guilt and conscience, madness, and what drives a man to murder as well as said corruption. My favorite character would have to be dear Lord Henry. The man most reminds me of myself when he meticulously plans out how to mess with people's heads just because it seems fun to play mind games with an unsuspecting individual. He is also startlingly perceptive for someone ignorant of the real underlying situation. I love the part where he says he wished he knew someone who had committed a murder, and Dorian is off to one side nearly hyperventilating at this point. Silly Dorian, of course you are still ugly, just on the inside.

-High Functioning Sociopath

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