Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello again my loyal and most respectful subjects and or servants. Have you ever heard of the novel Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne? It has become one of my favorite classical novels, with its gripping adventure and high stakes. Would you not want to go around the world in a variety of vehicles with the classic Gentlemanly hero, a foreign princess, a french valet, a case of money, a deadline, and the promise of £20,000 to win or loose? Phileas Fogg is the Mr. Darcy of a world adventure. Set in the Victorian England time, this book follows the fantastical travels of a man debatably less mad than Captain Nemo, yet just as calculating, mysterious, and fascinating. 

Gaze upon the visage of the humble hot-air balloon, majestic and free in it's natural habitat in the sky. It carries heroes to freedom, and adventurers to adventure. Though it is not the most extraordinary means of transportation in the novel, it is the most iconic.

Now, do me a favor. Take a break, relax, think about how amazing Phileas Fogg is, and roll the mouse over to that poll in the top right hand corner. Go ahead and click on the circle nearest Phileas. Now go ahead and feel good about yourself because you have done a wonderful thing just now. You have saved a fish from being named something that rhymes with dorsal fin! Because you have saved his life, the fish is eternally grateful.

All inter-blog wars aside, it is one of my favorite novels, and we need more votes. As a tip of the day, it is not widely accepted in most cultures to chase one's family members with a severed moose leg, or any other various organs, limbs, ect.

-High Functioning Sociopath

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