Monday, 25 June 2012

I Guess I'm Not Very Feminine...

I this page on 10 Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own (via Violins and Starships) and decided to analyze my own closet.

The Pencil Skirt- No, leave that to the models.

Layering Tank Top- One and it's white and I only use it when I'm wearing white tees.

Little Black Dress- No, no I don't.

The Perfect Jeans- I own jeans but they're not perfect and I wear skirts more often because pants chafe me.

Lightweight Cardigan- If you only count short sleeved ones no, if you count long sleeved ones yes. I have a long sleeved black cardigan its made of cashmere and I only use it as a pajama cover in the morning and in the winter.

White Pants- Only used when I dress up as Oscar Fran├žois De Jarjeyes.

Tote Bag- Nope, I don't have enough crap to even fill up my small bag let alone enough to fill up a tote.

Ballet Flats- No, I have flats but nothing resembling a ballet flat.

Blazer- No, and I ask you why do you need one?

Black Pants- No, and once more why do I need one?

So I guess I should shop... But that's not a priority I have my own sense of style and I almost  never follow fashion.

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