Saturday, 26 May 2012

1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out!

 Warning: Today's post is overtly Trekkie.
I've been watching a lot of Star Trek The Original Series (TOS.) (And before I go on it might be a good time to mention that my absolute FAVORITE is Dr. McCoy.) My mother and I agreed on this; First Season, good plots, not so good character development. Second Season, okay plots/story lines, really good character development. Third Season, Sucky plots/ story lines, no character development. All-in-all the third season went to hell. But before you get on me abpou8t what I just said listen. I think that but I under stand that they had different writers and Rodenberry wasn't there. So the new writers made it like a really low budget space opera/ future based soap opera.
I finanlly got my hands on a copy of Spock's World By Diane Duane. I read Doctor's Orders and loved it*. so I decided to read Spock's World. I didn't know my library had it since the last time I looked for it the search came up nothing. But this time it turned out the only copy in the Fairbanks North Star Bourough (FNSB.) Was here at the North Pole Public Library. Yea! So I"m also posting from there, and I got Spock's World today. I can't wait to read it.

MaggieG., Evil Goblin Overlady

*See paragraph above, Doctor's Orders is about McCoy

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