Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I Don't Know...

I don't know what to call this post. This kind of has just a bit of everything in it (except Star Trek because I talked about it Saturday.) Oh, I forgot to mention SPOILER ALERT!!!
I didn't get to watch the series finally of House. So I bough it on itunes and finally had enough time to watch it yesterday. I knew he was hallucinating from the heat and smoke inhalation. I recognized the suicidal employee (it might have helped that they mentioned that he was the one who killed himself.) I also recognized Wilson's dead fiance. Sadly though, It took me 7 minuets to recognize Cuddy. I feel terrible. Seeing him die was kind of sad too, he was so close to getting out, then the board crashed on him and he died. The eulogy was nice especially when Wilson had his turn. It was nice because everybody was making House into somebody he wasn't. Then Wilson gets up there and he speaks the truth. House was an ass. I though it was cool how House texted him from the afterlife. And it was cool how he was there for Wilson for those last five months. Well as a spirit.
Just a bit on music. If you haven't heard of the band O-Zone it's okay. They are just a hugely popular Romanian group. Well... popular in Romania.  I don't really understand what they're saying but it's pretty catchy music. not much to talk about but had to mention this.

O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Radio Edit)

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