Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I'm sick! I can't be sick I hate being sick.But since I'm sick I have been surfing the inter-web, and have thought about taking up knitting. I've been reading Agatha Christie. I'm also coughing my lungs out. It's a wet cough that hurts. I could take several medications, DayQuil, Delsym, or Alkaseltzer. *cough*  I took a dose of DayQuil and all it did was make it a bit easier to swallow with a bit less pain. Delsym if I had taken it would have made my coughs a little less wet and hurt a little less. Alkaseltzer does more than DayQuil...Aaauuuggghhh I don't have an Alkaseltzer Cold left oh well.

 Found these Amazing socks that I want to own or knit (And yes that is a TARDIS).

See what I mean by surfing the internet? I've also been searching the Archives of my Minions and Goblins.  *cough* I HATE with a passion being sick. Possible update later *cough*

Update-There is a chocolate bar on the kitchen counter that is calling me but at the same time is saying "You wont be able to enjoy me until you're not sick anymore." *cough* Please leave comments. Now anybody can leave comments.

-MaggieG.- *sick* Evil Goblin Overlady and Negotiator

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