Friday, 28 June 2013


Yes that's right, camping. The great outdoors, the feeling of one with nature, the mosquitoes. Yep the mosquitoes are killer this year. They are EVERYWHERE. (for some reason the image of the urbanite with a bag full of bug spray comes to mind. Either that or Niles Crane spraying bug dope everywhere.) But the mosquitoes are really bad. Plus if you add on the fact there are forest fires and that means road detours this is gonna be one very long trip. It's also supposed to be cloudy on Monday when we're leaving and that'll be nice since it'll stay cool(er). It's been getting up to ninety in the shade and that's been real tough on a gal who's only ever really been used to 70-80 degree summers. But the scenery will be nice considering how we'll be driving from interior Alaska to southern Alaska.

We're going to Valdez, a port town in southern Alaska known for it's tourist appeal and the fact it's main industry is fishing. Luckily since it's by the ocean the summer there will be more moderate. But it also entails a higher chance of rain. But the fishing industry is (as Mr. Spock would say) fascinating.

The smoke from the fires makes everything a bit hazy and orange-y. Much to my chagrin as it makes it harder to breath. That's always swell huh? The heat has also not helped this problem by making it muggy in the area where I live. Still making it hard to breath. I've been staying inside and avoiding being eaten alive and breathing in forest fire smoke. It's also ridiculously hot. Sleeping in a t-shirt is what I've been needing to do.

But whilst camping I'm not without the few things I'll need badly, notebook and pen, ipod and headphones, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and aspirin for my head. And maybe for the drive a thermos of hot tea could be nice.

MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

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