Friday, 23 November 2012

Thanksgiving and Thankfulness.

Well yesterday I had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, dad, brother, and  my cousin of whom I've never met before. We had gone out to eat and we went to The Pump house because they have a buffet and it's just easier for all of us. We got our plates and sat down. Now, because my father isn't very religious we don't often say grace when we eat together. Plus he's of a different religion than my mom, brother, and me. So we started eating and my cousin just HAD to say that he's more elegant. Sure he made us say grace. I did not have the best Thanksgiving. I had to act much more prim and proper. I couldn't even have normal conversations. He then showed us pictures of his children. He complained about his almost "ex"-wife. And then he almost got fresh with the waitress just because he cleans her businesses rugs. He realized we were there and stopped himself.

A few more things to mention:
*He forgot my name
*He originaly wanted us to expand the number to ten people when WE were the ones who invited him.
*He drove his company truck there.

Okay so enough Bitching here's what I'm thankful for:
*My family
*Lynn for having a cool blog.
*Filly for being a kind person and getting me to knit.
*Eve for showing what it means to be different, religious, lesbian, cool, and okay.
*Uncle Don For being the coolest uncle.
*Gene Rodenberry for creating Star Trek
*My 7th Grade teacher for helping me embrace my Trekkie-ness.
*My Friends for being a group of awesome people
*For all the teachers in America
*And finally, The Human Spirit.

Please be happy this holiday season,

MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady and Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

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