Thursday, 15 November 2012

On Writing...

Ever noticed how hard it is to write even a short story? The art of grammar is one foreign to most well EVERYONE! Yes, even you Mr. Big-shot-published-author! Even YOU. I'm Currently writing a story, I'll probably create a new blog to share these stories. My latest story would nee you to under stand the story of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning: during the Victorian era a girl named Elizabeth (affectionately know as Ba.) was the eldest of a family of twelve. With eleven sibling, eight brothers, three sisters. Her brother Edward died, she was devoted to him, she took it rather badly and became an invalid for about five years after that. Robert Browning read some of her poems and fell in love with her. After correspondance the eloped to Italywith the help of Wilson, the family maid.

My story takes place during this time but adds another character Florence Conway to help them elope.

enough about that, here are some tips I live by to write.
1. NEVER NEVER EVER confuse you're and your
2. Be careful of there, their, and they're
3. ALWAYS have someone check your work!

Even once you read this you'll probably find errors but you know WHAT IT'S A BLOG.

And a couple of thoughts, the answers to all your problems in 42 and, ever had a contact break in half IN YOUR EYE... I have....

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