Friday, 21 December 2012

De Ja Veux

Even though it seems like de ja veux  we all knew this day was coming. I refer to my 2nd post on this wonderful blog. I discussed the world coming to an end. Well the day is here (today) and well... I'm posting this aren't I? The world is still turning, the snows still falling, the temperature is still -30 here. The probability was very small of the world ending anyway. I have many things I had to get done today. (I still have to do them) the only advantage of the world ending is that you don't have to do any more housework. But at the same time there is so much of my life left to live; I want to visit 9 countries (check out my wattpad page and then read my stories), read books (I have over 30 I need to read), skydive, scuba dive, cook, and finish watching The Original Series of Star Trek. I hope you all realize that life is too much worth living to give up. So forget the world ending and get on with life.

Okay so I won't be posting for the next 5-7 days this next week because of it being Christmas week. So just letting you know that when I don't post for about a week you know why. But the goblins have set out food and drinks, they're playing the old records, feel free to ask them if you need anything.  If you want page through old issues of this blog you might find something you overlooked. Thanks for reading withing you all a merry Christmas. If you have a problem with me only saying Christmas e-mail me. No comments please, not during this season of giving and love.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

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