Monday, 31 December 2012

Well ONE last post.

Well I just set off some fireworks. What happened, you ask, to constitute this unprecedented post? I set off the works and some were little light weight. So I was setting off a little one that on the warning says, "Warning shoots flaming balls." However, it shot one strate up then the force knocked it over and started to shoot all ver the place. One zoomed over my head! I had to run inside so I didn't get hurt. It was scary and crazy all at once. Just wanted to share that.

I don't understand why but...
I really liked this picture and wanted to share it.
Then for some unexplicable reason it makes me think of this picture:
Rosalind Russell in "His Girl Friday" Not to hard to realize why.

Happy New Year
MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady
P.S. Will explain more about the goblin revolt next year.

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