Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It Never Ends!

The endless cleaning of life. It seems that just as you clean anything there is a new mess to take care of. I had just cleaned the living room and then two days later TWO days it looks as if I had never cleaned it before in my life. I feel as if I have no control over my life sometimes as if I can't control anything. I wish I could be like Jeannie in I Dream Of Jeannie just blink and have it all done. I mean it would take max 2 minutes to have it all done. That would be like heaven on earth. But alas I don't have that power and will have to take at least an hour to clean up. But it's really worth it to sit down afterward with a cup of tea my needle work and Monk or a book and just enjoy how clean it is. I've got to go do that so I can enjoy the new year. And as I look out the window I notice the light of outside fading It's going to be night fall by four so I'd better go get that done.

"God's in his heaven. All's right with the world." -Robert Browning

-MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady

...Hey remember playing twenty questions? I found this site and now you can play twenty questions with a computer. It's lots of fun!

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