Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pinch O' This Pinch O' That

  1. Sorry, I haven't posted. My internet's been down.
  2. You know that old tune, "Wont You Come Home Bill Bailey"? Well some times the school district will call and the person who runs FNSB is named Bill Bailey... Makes me laugh every time.
  3. I've recently gotten a Kuring Coffee maker.  It is a wonderful miracle from the future. It's so nice to have. I love the fact that I can make coffee, tea, cocoa, and cider using it. It's so much easier than making a whole pot of drip then throwing half of it out.
  4. I'm beginning to run out of space on my bookshelves. I'm going to have to begin stacking my books on the floor again. I have 300+ books and only two shelves. So I'm at a loss. If any of you have creative ideas on how to do makeshift book shelves let me know. Because I'm not going to buy a new one.
  5. When I comes to my writing I've learned my crutch is Science Fiction. I can't write anything else. I don't know why but when I try to write anything else it doesn't come out well. But I'm one of the best damn Science Fiction writers you'll ever read. Check out my latest story, "Hiding" on Wattpad. Warning, "Hiding" is a PG-13 story and uses swear words. So if you're against swearing don't bother.
  6. So here's my updated life.
  7. It's been about forty below for the past two days but I've still gone outside. 
  8. This weeks Pogues song: (this song has swearing) 

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady

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