Thursday, 10 January 2013

You're Daily Errrrrr... Monthly Dose Of Youtube!

One of my favorite Pogues songs:

These two are from a local girl who lives in Fairbanks. I met her once at a farmers market and she was selling CD's. Mariah Ver Hoef is a pretty amazing gal.


A cute little song about tea:

This is the  video that I discovered Library Thing. "In my Pants" is a Nerdfighter thing. So if you want to learn to duke it out Shakespear style this  is a video for you. P.S. This is John:

Here's Johns brother Hank.

And here's the Nerdfighter FAQ:

A mommy hugging her baby:

 A Weeping Angel kitty:

So there's a video for everyone. A video for people who like rock (Pogues), People who prefer local folksy music (Mariah Ver Hoef), People who like little ditties that really aren't bad (Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea Song), Nerds/ Geeks (isn't it obvious?), those who like a daily dose of cute (Kitty Hugging), and Whovians (Weeping Angel Kitty).

-MaggieG, Evil goblin Overlady

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