Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lot's O' Boats!

So I took TONS of pictures of boats here I'll share them.

Valdez Spirit, the glacier cruise boat I went on.

Adorable play on words

It's a pirate themed boat. HOW COOL?

It's little flag.

It's just missing the U.S.S.

The Harbor (again)

Sea Bear's Decal

Looks cool huh?

The name is stupid but the dead fish letters are cool.

This sail boat is 100% made of wood, it's beautiful.


Can someone name where the boat's name is from?

Shadowfax from another angle.

More pictures of the sail boat.

Wasn't in harbor but I liked the name.

And it's the DAWN TREADER (where's the name from?)

Still the 'Treader

Isn't it pretty?

Will you do the fandango?

Also made of mostly wood, it's so pwetty.

Sea Duction

This picture specially for HFS

It's a glorified houseboat. No joke.

Hunky Dory (just made me think of the Bowie album.

"Now Clara, who's Clara?" *wink*

Glorified Houseboat. Told ya!



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