Thursday, 11 July 2013

On Carmen:

Well I was under enthused. It really was too sexual in all. The music was great but by the end of it I was just glad they were dead. But when I say too sexual I mean it. However, done right it could have been good. The costumes and scenery were good, the voices were good, and the story line was good. The sexual dancing..... not so much. I'm sorry to report that this was what mostly caught my eye. More from HFS in comments.

-MaggieG, (Tired) Evil Goblin Overlady

P.S. Might do a better post later.

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  1. High Functioning Sociopath12 July 2013 at 00:38

    Thank you for the introduction dear. I'll take it from here. I myself would have directed the play differently. Just by looking at the time of creation one should be able to figure out that anything this sexually charged would have someone jailed. The murderer of the higher ranking officer would have been better if he slumped forward when the gunshot rang. I was probably the only one to imagine the man slumped forward as he slowly slid of the chair, and hit the floor with a resounding thud. The corpse should sit awkwardly in a steadily growing pool of his own blood. And dim the lights to fade as the last image is of José dropping the gun and quickly walking to Carmen, refusing to regret what he had become to please the she devil. And scene. Also, at the end the deaths were rather anticlimactic. José should stab Carmen and stumble back, shocked, as Carmen grabs the knife in her stomach and says to José "I have died, now it is your turn my love." That way it might be for José, for Escamillo, or for both men. This also refers to the cards she had been reading that predicted, first, her death, and then the death of her love. José should then crack and run to the bullfights, where said forefoot is fighting the bull. José, catching sight of the one he despises, would run to him screaming about Carmen's death, and how Escamillo can never have her. The enraged bull fighter, having a sword, would turn from the bull and run the ornate sword through the shrieking madman dashing across the arena. José would fall to his knees and say his final words, "You cannot escape me Carmen. I am coming for you, my love." At the same time as José's death speech Escamillo, who had turned his back on the bull, would be run through by said beast. Both impaled men would utter the last words "my love" as they slump, lifeless, to the floor in the same instant, their bodies both sharing a large puddle of blood as the corpses bleed out their now useless and still hearts. End play. On a happier note, I may have created a new quote, one worthy of the mouths of future generations. I will not give the context, but I believe I said "They're going to come prancing in, followed by rainbows, and unicorns, and sparkles will fall from the sky!" It was in a moment of exasperation, but, lo and behold, sparkles (debatable) did fall from the sky at one point. Ah the opera. I did love the French though, I cannot imagine being ableto memorize, pronounce, and sing that many lines in a foreign language. I applaud you actor people. *clapping*


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