Monday, 8 July 2013

A Bit of This and That.

So some Monday random.

*Sherlock, I'd like to correct my friend who in comments is the 'High Functioning Sociopath' We have TWO episodes to go in Sherlock. 2.

*I would be posting my vacation pics but alas I've lost the effing camera to computer cord and I'm really F***ing annoyed!!!

* 'High Functioning Sociopath' (who would otherwise have an awesome name if she/I hadn't insisted on that name. I might abbreviate to HFS.) Would like me to comment on the show Merlin. A newer telling of the Legend of King Arthur. I do enjoy the show more than I had thought I would. It's actually really nice. (Fan fics, Can't you just see them? *cough cough* Inside joke for HFS.) ;) HOWEVER, nylon shirts, skimpy tops, Morgana's halter top, chain mail, armor, a NON-FRENCH Lancelot du Lac, the color red EVERYWHERE, polyester blends, are just a FEW of the problems I have with the show, (had to mention the HFS. And you need to read the friggen Legend anyway SO YOU KNOW WHO MORDRED IS JEEZ! (The Mists of Avalon work too) just find out more of the original telling okay?)

*With HFS I've got four more episodes of Jane Eyre to go.

*I'll do a longer vacation post later.

*I went to look at the boats in Valdez and wanted to report some of the cooler named ones: The Dawn Treader, Shadowfax (bonus points if you can name where those names are from HFS, your answers don't count.) Merlin, Killin' Time, Enterprise, Infinite Grace, Morning Light, The Boat, Freedom Dancer, Knot Again, Wind Musher, My Boat, Jade Dolphin, The Half Cup, and English Maiden are just a few.

Haven't much more to say right now.

-MaggieG, Evil Goblin Overlady (and for future reference Freaking watson Junior in comments occasionally)


  1. High Functioning Sociopath8 July 2013 at 22:25

    Hello Sweetish. I am truly flattered at the attention you have bestowed upon my humble name. I am beginning to rather enjoy my new title. Thank you Freaking watson Junior for the lovely idea. In my defence you had only commented on three of the episodes at that time. Also, if you insist on griping about the inaccuracies of Merlin please remember to keep in mind the show was made as a family friendly BBC retelling of the legends. They are entitled to some inaccuracies. Just enjoy it as is instead of nitpicking like a prat. I do like the boat names though. I keep wanting to think Merlin isn't a fish. By the way, you should make me a turnover. I'll bring my own milk.

    1. HEY! I've been keeping quiet whilst watching the show I can gripe about it on my blog! And screw the inaccuracies! At least they could TRY to make the nylon /look/ like cotton. And you've gotten a whole flipping post dedicated to your name! And its not humble. (I'll call you when I'm done baking.)


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